50+ True Colors Quotes to Destroy a Bad Connection

Want true colors quotes to detach from fake people flock to you when you’re happy? Rebuild your broken heart by learning life’s greatest lessons early. True friendship takes work. An unpleasant yet necessary process exists. What happens when your perfect existence is clouded? Cut them off before they leave quickly. Real friends can’t be learned. Situations will reveal your actual buddies. People under 25 ask this question. By your 30s, you realize career, love, and self matter most.

Living in the present is the beauty of unpredictability. When you’re in danger, they’ll quickly flee. Some friends are toxic and bring you down. People generally flock to you if you’re healthy, wealthy, and happy. Cowards take advantage of others. You may have a talent they lack. Everyone wants a piece of you. Love solves all “Unsolvable” mysteries and toxic people come and go from life. True friends are loyal. They don’t run from difficult situations.

We see the true colors of people we believed were our best friends. Unhealthy, insensitive, untrustworthy, constantly critical connections are never happy for you. You may enjoy socializing with pals. But you should avoid certain friends. Once you suspect a ‘friend’ is only after your time, money, and effort, run away. If these pals don’t stick with you amid difficulty, misery, or disease, they’re not real. Knowing true pals isn’t a talent. Life and God will guide you. If you get a sign, stop these harmful unions.

True Colors Quotes

Dominating true colors quotes to stop forcing a difficult relationship with one dishonest person last long. Even if you agree to disagree, healthy disagreement helps you learn about each other. Real best friends are inseparable and irreplaceable because of their shared insanity, interests, laughs, tears, cuisine, and memories.

  1. I trusted you but now your words mean nothing because your actions spoke the truth.
  2. The best leaders are the ones who show their true colors not during the banner years but during times of struggle. – Shawn Achor
  3. You may plainly perceive the traitor through his mask; he is well-known everywhere in his true colors; his rolling eyes and his honeyed tones impose only on those who do not know him.  – Moliere
  4. A person’s true colors will always show within time. You maybe fooled for the moment, but be patient and sees what happens.
  5. In some cases, we first need to disappoint or enrage someone, or to break their heart, for them to finally show us their true colors. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  6. It is often said that Anarchists live in a world of dreams to come, and do not see the things which happen today. We do see them only too well, and in their true colors, and that is what makes us carry the hatchet into the forest of prejudice that besets us. – Peter Kropotkin
  7. Show your true colors. Everyone wanna see that. Not the fake! But the real you!
  8. Neither, I must say with all due respect, is it the power of teachers and students. Basically the true and real power is with working people of all colors, of all beliefs, of all national origins. – Harry Bridges
  9. People are like chameleons, they adapt to your favorite color so you’ll like them. But eventually, true colors always show.
  10. A rainbow is not afraid of showing its true colors because it knows it is beautiful inside out. – Matshona Dhliwayo
  11. My parents had a software company making children’s software for the Apple II+, Commodore 64 and Acorn computers. They hired these teenagers to program the software, and these guys were true hackers, trying to get more colors and sound and animation out of those computers. – Bre Pettis
  12. Don’t sacrifice your peace trying to point out someone’s true colors. Lack of character always reveals itself in the end.
  13. Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words.
  14. A lot of the American press at the time was saying ‘just watch what happens when Bertelsmann tries to buy EMI, that will be a moment of truth that will show the Commission’s true colors.’ Well, that deal never happened either. – Mario Monti
  15. I enjoy vanity. But I can’t stick to any of that lifestyle for too long because, when its true colors come out, it’s empty and cold and soulless.- Michelle Rodriguez
  16. You see a person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their lives.
  17. There is no better test of character than when you’re tossed into crisis. That’s when we see one’s true colors shine through. So I try my best to make my characters personally involved in the plot, in a way that stresses them and tests them. – Tess Gerritsen
  18. If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them.
  19. Pay attention when someone gets mad, that’s when their true colors show.
  20. Don’t let your character change color with your environment. Find out who you are and let it stay its true color. – Rachel Scott
  21. Everyoneâ€whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender should be allowed to show their true colors, and be accepted and loved for who they are. – Cyndi Lauper
  22. Hatred is one of the poisons; like jaundice, it alters the true colors of things. – Rae Foley
  23. My money’s riding on this dark horse, baby My heart is sayin’ it’s the lucky one And its true color’s gonna shine through someday If we let this Let this dark horse run – Amanda Marshall
  24. Sometimes it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.
  25. And I’ll see your true colors shining through I see your true colors and that’s why I love you so don’t be afraid to let them show your true colors, true colors are beautiful like a RAINBOW. –Cyndi Lauper
  26. I think success shows a person’s true colors. – Freddie Prinze, Jr
  27. I have a visual sense for the music. It has to stay true to a certain sense of period. I rely on a sense of colors and mood in my approach to the arrangement. – Leon Redbone
  28. Thank you for undusting my true colors; or color: black… Oh, how I missed the darkness! – Ahmed Mostafa
  29. Our errors and failings are chinks in the heart’s armor through which our true colors can shine. – Elizabeth Lesser
  30. The six colors, including the white background, represent the colors of all the world’s flags … this is a true international emblem. – Pierre de Coubertin
  31. I love to study the many things that grow below the corn stalks and bring them back to the studio to study the color. If one could only catch that true color of nature – the very thought of it drives me mad. – Andrew Wyeth
  32. A hundred things are done today in the divine name of Youth, that if they showed their true colors would be seen by rights to belong rather to old age. – Wyndham Lewis
  33. Some people aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to the need of you, once their need changes so does their loyalty.
  34. To see a man’s true colors, tell him you’re saving yourself for marriage. To see a woman’s true colors, tell her you’re poor. – Matshona Dhliwayo
  35. I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly puts me down.
  36. Pay attention to how people act when you’re not on good terms. True colors will always reveal themselves.
  37. The Christian conceives of his abode on Earth in no more delightful colors than the Jainist sectarian. He sees in it only a time of sad trial; he also thinks that his true country is not of this world. – Emile Durkheim
  38. Best believe that needle hurt you Best to see these true colors Than follow one of your false virtues A little secret to make you think: Why is the crazy stuff we never say, poetry in ink? – Eddie Van Halen
  39. Never take your eyes from your enemy, Imanishaketheto. Never underestimate them. When you think you’ve won, they will show their true colors and their strength. You must be ready. – E.Y. Laster, Of Captivity & Kings
  40. Black is the color of night. White is the true color of death. – Melissa de la Cruz
  41. Early risers catch the world waking and see its true colors. – Bernie Taupin
  42. It’s such a nice change to get to play a wretched, shallow, mergers-and-acquisitions woman. My true colors come out.- Sigourney Weaver
  43. In the beginning, some people try to appear that everything about them is in black and white, until later their true colors come out. – Anthony Liccione
  44. The best thing about the worst time of your life is that you get to see the true colors of everyone.
  45. Friends show their true colors in times of need; and not in times of happiness. – Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
  46. When people say they are happy for you it may mean they are sad for themselves. – Josephine Humphreys
  47. Everyone loves each other for the pilot. But once you start to do the show, you see everybody’s true colors. If it’s successful, people start to change, and then if it’s not doing well, people start to change in other ways. – Vanessa Marano
  48. It’s during the worst storms of your life that you will get to see the true colors of the people who say they care for you.
  49. When people show you their true colors don’t get mad, paint beautiful mural life lessons, and keep marching forward.
  50. Red has been praised for its nobility of the color of life. But the true color of life is not red. Red is the color of violence, or of life broken open, edited, and published. Or if red is indeed the color of life, it is so only on the condition that it is not seen. Once fully visible, red is the color of life violated, and in the act of betrayal and of waste. – Alice Meynell
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True Colors Sayings

Traps are great for catching pretenders red-handed. Placing not properly planned traps can backfire, so be careful. True colors sayings tell you if they believe you can accomplish everything you want.

  • A person at first may show you black or white, but eventually their true colors will come to light.
  • When you look at the rainbow, you don’t see just one color, you see many colors, and they are all unique and beautiful in their own way.
  • To try to repaint someone’s colors is to reject who they are.
  • Making you see how much you mean to me, is like showing a colorblind person an array of beautiful colors.
  • Don’t try to repaint someone after they have shown you their true colors.
  • Pay attention when someone becomes enraged; this is when you may see their true colors.
  • I turn to nature, because in her you find all the true colors.
  • We all have the opportunity to leave an imprint of color in our world.
  • It is often through failures and mistakes that we are able to find our true colors.
  • Only with time, do we notice the importance of slowing down and appreciating the colors that surround us.
  • Sometimes it takes going through a hard time to really be able to see the true colors of those who claim to love you.
  • Sometimes it takes going through heartache and pain to be able to see clearly and find our true colors.
  • The greatest influencers are those who show their true colors not just during time of peace, but also during times of struggle.
  • Don’t try to hide someone’s true colors if they expose them to you.
  • Do not be like chameleons who constantly change colors, instead find your true colors and let them shine!
  • Sometimes we have to leave the place we are from, only to return and see it with new colors.
  • Don’t feel like you have to conform to one color because everyone else does, there are other colors waiting to be found.
  • When you are no longer useful to their lives, you can see a person’s true colors.
  • You tend to bring cheer to this world with your lively colors full of joy, never stop painting for you bring beauty to this dark world.
  • Childhood tends to be captivated by the bright colors the day brings; let us be like children and also seek the bright colors in our day.
  • Want to know someone’s true colors? Find them in their time of need and not in their time of prosperity.
  • You know you’ve found a true friend, when their colors remain the same whether you’re present or not.
  • Make your genuine colors known. That is something that everyone wants to see. Not the phony! However, the real you!
  • Colors are not always going to be bright; they tend to fade out over time, but even then, try to find the beauty in the painting.
  • The youth tend to see things through bright colors and hope, but only with age do you come to find the richness that colors can offer to leave your mark behind.
  • We all have our own set of unique and beautiful colors, why try to change them to those of someone else?
  • When life is gray don’t forget you have inner colors that are just waiting to shine the way.
  • Friends are like colors, some are colorful lines, while others are colorful swirls, but they are all beautiful in their own unique ways.
  • Success, in my opinion, reveals a person’s true colors.
  • Be wary of people who show one color to your face but a different color behind your back.
  • Just because a crayon is broken, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used to color.
  • You are no longer a blank canvas; you have found your true colors and are creating a masterpiece.
  • Determined people rise early to catch nature in its genuine colors.
  • Discover your colors and paint a masterpiece!
  • To see things as black and white even when true colors are unfolding, is to deliberately choose to be color blind.
  • Unintentionally, people reveal their true colors. Keep your eyes peeled.
  • A rainbow cannot form without light shining through the raindrops. But first there needs to be raindrops.
  • It’s beautiful when colors come together and make new colors.
  • Even after showing my true colors, you still choose to see black and white.
  • Everyone can see a rainbow’s beauty from afar, as it doesn’t hide any of its colors, rather it lets them shine!
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Wrap Up

True colors quotes show the power of perspective and how it can make a difference in life. By taking a different approach to things, you can see the world in a new light.

The colors of the world can be found in different shades and intensities, depending on the person’s perspective. Some people see the colors as a way to express their emotions, while others see them as just another way to look at the world. Regardless of what someone sees in the world, it is important to remember that there are true colors and they can be found in different places and times.

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