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Meet HonRW.com’s small team of extremely talented experts from different industries:

Allison Wagner

Hi, my name is Allison Wagner. Completing my MBA from Standford University in 1997 and BTech from Harvard University in 1995, now I am a professional Impact Manager from NY. Passion for a healthy lifestyle was part of my DNA since childhood, that’s why I decided to start my Relationship blog. My honest relationships worldwide will give you complete knowledge to live a happy life.

Brenda Hannor

Brenda Honnor aims to share actionable tips to revitalize relationships. She has a Master’s degree in Human Psychology and a Ph.D. in marriage counseling. Brenda joined HonRW as a verified author with over 10 years of counseling and thousands of needful experiences. Surely you can smell her passion for the evolution of loving partnerships through her precious words. Heal abuse, trauma, and trust issues today so you can enjoy the desired happier purposeful relationships!

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