100+ Cool Basketball Pick Up Lines No One Can Say No

Amazing Basketball pick up lines to help you score 3-pointers in their heart. Get funny, cheesy, and corny for him and her to secure your win forever. Dating someone who is good at playing basketball will bring immense joy to your life.

Life is like Basketball as it looks easy from the crowd.

We all know that the ball isn’t so easy to handle. One needs to practice the game for hours to become a good player. Hence, living a life with a basketball player is a dream of many youths.

Get ready to step up on the Basketball court with the best pickup lines!

Basketball Pick Up Lines

Powerful Basketball pick up lines to impress any player or coach. Know the rules of the game to relate to the basketball terminologies. Watching a few highlights or playing the game will help. Learn where you will pass score to blend one of these pickup lines:

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot. Because I would always miss you.
  • Damn girl, I must be Kobe cause I can’t pass you up.
  • It seems you spend time at the ball court because I would love some courtship right now.
  • You may have heard that I’m a great ballhandler. Want to sample my skills?
  • The wonders of the balls have just gotten to another level, I can’t help but be happy, dear.
  • I just lost two of my basketballs. Are you hiding them beneath your shirt?
  • Are you Dennis Rodman? I’ll be your rebound.
  • If you played basketball, you would be the center. Of my attention.
  • You’re sweeter than a Steph Curry jumper.
  • If you were a basketball, could I drive you, and lay you up?
  • I can score from multiple positions.
  • You gonna call my dick James, cuz it looks like a Rocket when it HARDENS.
  • Your handles got me on my knees.
  • They Call Michael Jordan the GOAT, but I Think You Really Are
  • I already have the balls all you need now is the basket and then we can play the game, babe.
  • Come here and I will show you just how players like me have fun all the time, how about it?
  • Dear, I bet you never would have known how great I am with balls if you haven’t tried me out.
  • What’s your favorite thing about basketball? Mine is foul playing.
  • Everyone says I’m a great ball handler. Want to sample my skills later tonight?
  • You have such a nice jersey on, I really love how it looks on you, it’ll look better on the floor.
  • If you were the ball, no one else would ever score because I’d never pass you around.
  • You’re Sweeter Than a Steph Curry Jumper
  • Hey sugar-buns, do you play Center? Wanna be the center of my attention?
  • Aye girl, are you Dennis Rodman? Cause I’ll be your rebound
  • Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
  • I’d love to take it to the hole and drop my balls in your Hoop!
  • Hey girl, Monta Ellis must be jealous. Because you, truly, have it all.
  • I must be Kobe because I can’t pass you up.
  • Your Jordan jersey looks nice, but I bet it’d look even nicer on my bedroom floor.
  • Do you know what the Chicago Bulls and I have in common? Solid D.
  • I don’t wanna go to the sports bar but I’d love to see what’s on your menu.
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Basketball Pick Up Lines for Him

Motivate him to make a jump shot for you with these:

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • Want to play basketball at my place? I can show you how good I am with balls.
  • You may have heard that I’m a great ballhandler. Wanna sample my skills?
  • Want to try out what I’ve got and how good I am with balls and all, let us do some test drives.
  • I’m desperate for your love. Baby, please don’t play zone defense on me.
  • Instead of zone defense, can we play some man-to-woman coverage tonight?
  • You might not be a Bulls fan, but I know you felt it when this D Rose.
  • Hey boy, Do you-ref in the playoffs? Cause you look like you can swallow a whistle.
  • I hit threes all the time but you’d be my first ten!
  • Sweetie-pumpkin, you got so much game that you must be a natural. Want to take a class with me on Natural Family Planning?
  • Is your name Kevin? Because I think I Love you.
  • Want to play basketball together? You need the balls. I have the hoop!
  • I’ll keep you so busy you won’t care which of us has the possession arrow.
  • Should I take it to the hole or take it to the rack?
  • Wanna know what the Bulls and I have in common? We both have a solid D.

Basketball Pick Up Lines for Her

Block a defense for her from your opponents to score using:

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • I’d love to put my big guy in your hoop.
  • Girl, you can call me D. Rose cause you got me weak in the knees.
  • I’d love to take your D. Rose for a test drive.
  • I lost two of my basketballs today. Are they hiding underneath your shirt?
  • You be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat.
  • If you were a basketball, I would never shoot you because I will always miss you.
  • Hey girl, do you ref during the playoffs? Cause you look like you can swallow a whistle.
  • I will never get to shoot you if you were the ball because then I would be missing you always.
  • There was a time when I am so addicted to basketball but hey, now I am addicted to you.
  • I hand out a couple of assists per game, but never landed on a dime like you
  • Do you love basketball? You only need a basket cause I already got balls.
  • I hear you are a good ball-handler, but can you handle my balls?
  • I can jump almost six feet to dunk, but can I test how long I can do slammings on you?
  • I am so dedicated to basketball, but I promise you I’ll bring that same dedication to our relationship.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Basketball

Rebound an attacking play with cheesy lines like:

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • Are you from Cleveland, because I’m digging that Cavalier attitude?
  • If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot. Because I would always miss you.
  • You can play with my balls all night long. They won’t get weak or slack.
  • If you give me one pure shot, I’ll make this your lucky day.
  • I Wouldn’t Pay $2 Billion for the Clippers, but I Would for Dinner with You
  • Do you like basketball? Because when I saw you, my D. Rose.
  • I must shoot three times but with this rate and how good you are, I wonder how I’ll do that.
  • Sweetheart, will you hurry up and put your ball into my hoop?
  • If you haven’t heard, let me tell you I am good at handling the ball, want to test it out, dear?
  • If I were a basketball player I’d be Shaquille O’Feel
  • Are you from Cleveland? Cause I’m digging that Cavalier attitude.
  • Hon, your ass makes me hard as a Rocket.
  • May I put my balls in your basket?
  • I already have the balls, you need already have the basket. Let’s start shooting and scoring.
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Corny Basketball Pick Up Lines

A dunk from a side smoothly using some corny pick up lines:

Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • I love playing basketball and I can say I am good at it but hey, I promise not to play with you.
  • Can I wear your jersey because I really love your name, and so do I want your number, love?
  • You be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat!
  • I’m a good ball-handler, what about you?
  • I wanna be inside you!
  • You’re a pure woman, but I’d love to show you my spin move.
  • Any time you want, you can drop that ball of yours here in this hoop of mine, darling, you can.
  • You must be known for your defense cause you definitely stole my heart.
  • You be the Bulls and I’ll bring the Heat!
  • You’ll always be my king of comebacks.
  • What do you say we make tonight about scoring? And I’m not talking about points.
  • You seem like you got some great shots in you, maybe I can show you mine as well, darling.
  • Damn girl, I must be Kobe cause I can’t pass you up.
  • I hit threes all the time but you’d be my first 10.

Funny Basketball Pick Up Lines

Shoot the ball to start the fun in your life:


Basketball Pick Up Lines

  • Just looking at you turns me into a whole puddle of dribbles.
  • Seeing you in that new shirt makes me harder than a backboard.
  • I’d love to take it to the hole and drop it in your Hoop!
  • You must be related to Iverson because boy you got mad handles.
  • I promise I would never pass you to anyone should you be the ball because I want you to mine.
  • Instead of zone defense, what do you say we play some man-to-woman coverage tonight?
  • I’d love to practice layups with you all night long.
  • Do you know what the Indiana Pacers and I have in common? Solid D.
  • I am so dedicated to basketball, but I promise you I will bring that dedication to our relationship.
  • I’ve never made an incomplete pass, and I hope you won’t be my first.
  • Are you on the rebound? Because my D. Favors you.
  • If you were a basketball, would you let me lay you up?
  • You may have heard that I’m a great ball handler. Wanna sample my skills?
  • You’re so short that you must play point guard. Would you like to guard me and the kids we may have one day?

7 Traits Basketball Player Looks In A Life Partner

Beautiful sportsmen make you swoon. We know you adore their smokin’ bodies and fiery passion. Basketball is one of the most thrilling sports to watch. It does involve some skill. But the majority of the skills required.

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To be a good player have little to do with playing the game for hours on end.

All of the preceding tips will assist you in impressing your friends. You’re not a sports fan, you might get a little bewildered. When they start throwing around sports terminology. Guys adore a female who can participate in a conversation.

You don’t even have to be dating a hot athlete to be a sports fan. Just date any hot male and he’ll be a sports fan.

Stop your first instinct to change the subject. and build these qualities:

a. Play For FUN

Even though basketball is a highly competitive sport. Keep in mind why you and your buddies agreed to play.

Isn’t it true that you all wanted to have a good time?

So have fun with it and don’t get too competitive. In a friendly competition, never become aggressive. If you make a huge deal out of every loss. Your fellow players will avoid you.

Your buddies will be drawn to YOUR WAY. This is the FUN WAY if you have fun while playing the game.

b. Know the Rules

Hold the basketball in both hands if you dribble. And then dribble again, no one will take you seriously as a player. That’s because it’s a fowl.

Knowing the fundamental rules is advantageous. Because not everyone is familiar with them.

People will respect and rely on you. When a decision needs to be made if you know what is wrong. What is right within the courtroom.

Basketball Pick Up Lines

c. Be A Team Player

Basketball is a team sport, so play with your friends. Allow others to take the lead if they so desire.


Please pass the ball!

Also, when playing, constantly communicate with your teammates. Tell them you’re free and want the pass. And they’ll give it to you.

Basketball is all about teamwork!

d. Practice the Basics

Try to practice the fundamentals. Dribbling and shooting whenever you’re on a basketball court.

We all know that practice makes perfect.

So put in as much practice time as you can. You should be able to dribble a basketball.

Run while dribbling and control the movement of the ball. These are not just the most basic. But also the most important aspects of the game. It will help you establish yourself as a player.

Basketball Pick Up Lines

e. We All Make Mistakes

We’re all human, and we’re not professionals. So we’re destined to make mistakes.

Allow yourself to relax and focus on the next task at hand.

Assist your teammates in doing the same. Encourage them by saying things like ‘excellent job’. ‘we can do it,’ ‘never mind,’ and so on throughout the game.

This goes a long way toward keeping your team together. And maintaining a good level of morale.

f. Ace Your Strength

Once you’ve spent some time on the court learning the fundamentals.

Attempt to figure out what you’re good at. And what you can turn into a strength. If you believe you are an excellent shooter. You should practice more often. If you have another skill.

You should train it so that none of your friends can beat you at it.

Basketball Pick Up Lines
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g. Confidence Is the First Step

Half the battle is won if you have faith. Even if you have the skills if you lack confidence. You will not be able to fully demonstrate your sportsmanship.

Stay active throughout the game, keep running, and defend.

Stand straight while shooting. Don’t just throw the ball, take some time before shooting or passing. Take some time before shooting or passing, All of this demonstrates that you are a self-assured gamer.

Want to add your favorite Basketball pick up lines? Share more effective dating tips to impress on the Basketball court with our beautiful readers.