75+ Coffee Pick Up Lines To Get The “Yes” Instantly

Wonderful coffee pick up lines ideas to get “Yes” for a coffee date. Melt no more in the cup of friendzone. Your time to take dip into the mug of relationship. Pick up lines about coffee are evergreen classics.

Learn more about your mate with a perfect sip!

Coffee Pick Up Lines

Looking for warm coffee pickup lines to impress? Win the heart you always want to be with.

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • You’re just how I like my coffee. Tall, black, and powerful.
  • For your morning coffee, do you prefer a French Press or a Bialetti?
  • I enjoy the way you make espresso.
  • Can I get a name for that order? says the barista.
  • I can’t express how much I adore you in words.
  • I like my females the way I enjoy my coffee: hot and spicy.
  • Do you think you need more sugar or do you think I’m sweet enough?
  • You’ve already turned me down, but I’m requesting a second chance.
  • These days, you don’t appear to be overweight.
  • You remind me of Darjeeling this year. I was hooked from the first flush.
  • Please excuse me, but my Chai has given me a terrible tongue burn. I believe I require mouth-to-mouth communication.
  • You’re far more vibrant than green coffee beans.
  • Are you a coffee, honey? Because you awaken my senses. Wait, give me another chance!
  • You don’t appear to be overweight these days.
  • Take care with that Earl Grey; it’s quite hot! You don’t have to be concerned. It’s not quite as hot as you think.
  • Looking for a non-dairy creamer?
  • Hello there, was there a desire for a little more whip?

Are You A Coffee Table Pick Up Line

Out-of-the-table innovative pick up lines they never heard of. Try always be unique in your own way.

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • You’re such a TEAse, aren’t you?
  • Like only a shot of espresso could, you had my heart racing.
  • Something is brewing between the two of us, and I can sense it.
  • I’m fine with drinking your favourite if I’m drinking it with you.
  • Could you just keep an eye on my laptop for a moment? I’ll go out and get some more caffeine.
  • You’re far more vibrant than green coffee beans.
  • Your beauty jolted my heart in the way that only a cup of Ristretto could before.
  • I’ve been thinking about you for a while now.
  • Drown me in your love, as if I were a vanilla bean drowning in coffee in your favourite beverage.
  • Is it okay if I grind that for you?
  • Is it possible to add a number to my order?
  • Darling, Not only do I want to know how you enjoy your coffee, but I also want to know the slightest facts about you.
  • I’ve been thinking about you for a while now.
  • You get me out of bed in the morning like the smell of coffee.
  • Is it possible for me to receive your phone number? Because I enjoy a latte with you.
  • Giving me your phone number appears to be a fair exchange.
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Coffee Pick Up Lines Tinder

Tinder pick up lines for Coffee lovers you can use in chat. Never stop at just the right swipe!

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • You could say I’m a bondage fanatic.
  • I prefer my women to be as hot as my coffee.
  • I’ll never weary of you, just as I’ll never tyre of mixing my favourite cocktail.
  • Because you’re so fine, you’d be Espresso if you were ground coffee.
  • Is it possible for me to receive your phone number? Because I enjoy a latte with you.
  • Apart from the scent of coffee, yours is my second favourite.
  • I, too, prefer my coffee black. Over these, you and I should talk about our shared interest.
  • Hey, don’t put honey in your chamomile tea. You’re already very sweet.
  • Please swear not to mess with my heart.
  • I really like the way you make espresso.
  • You’ve kept me awake all night. Your effect is far superior to that of caffeine.
  • I adore the way you make espresso.
  • Oh, can you sense it? Something is clearly building between us.
  • I won’t forget your name, even if the barista does.
  • If you desire a dark roast or a different process, please let us know. I’ll gladly assist you.
  • Have you become tired of your beverage? That’s something I can spice up for you. Will you join me?
  • I wish I could be your coffee mug and kiss your lips on a regular basis.

Coffee Pun Pick Up Lines

Nasty punny pick up lines to giggle your crush. Gift an innocent smile you love to see.

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • Should I take another taste if you believe in love at first sip?
  • Oh, I adore this jasmine tea where each leaf is hand-tied into a tiny butterfly. Guess
  • Let’s get heated, just like this coffee!
  • Is it coffee, tea, or just a little more of me?
  • I prefer my drink iced, but if you’re the one who made it, I’m fine with drinking it hot.
  • Sir, may I ask your name? Is it Earl Grey? Because you have the appearance of a hot-tea!
  • Please don’t add any more sugar. For me, you’re lovely enough.
  • A girl doesn’t have to be dark roasted in order for others to notice her good traits.
  • I’m envious of the coffee cup that gets to kiss your lips every morning.
  • Nope My heart is already racing because you’re here, so I’m ordering decaf.
  • I can cold-brew if you need to take it easy.
  • Is it just me, or is this coffee steaming up my glasses?
  • Hello, are you a chai? I’d like to get my hands filthy.
  • Do you detect an almond flavour in this Keemun? No? That’s strange, considering I adore you.
  • Girl I may be the rum or whisky in your drink, depending on the twist you want.
  • My coffee has given me a mouth burn. Do you have a mouth-to-mouth relationship?
  • Are you a Starbucks employee? Because I enjoy a latte with you.
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Cheesy Coffee Pick Up Lines

Smooth like marshmallow cheesy coffee pick up lines collection. Slide it even before they understand.

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • You’re just how I like my coffee. Tall, black, and powerful
  • Is your name Earl Grey, please? Because you have the appearance of a hot-tea!
  • Hello there, how do you make your coffee?
  • Coffee in its natural state. I’m a purist. My mark of approval is given.
  • Is there a Java phone number where I may reach you?
  • You know you’ve been thinking about me, baby.
  • I make it a point to never eat chocolate by itself.
  • I have a supply of whipped cream on hand. Do you want to join me?
  • I’d want to meet you for a latte, but is it a date?
  • Is it possible for me to get you a Starbucks Trenta, or are you looking for something more substantial?
  • Here’s my phone number, caramel perhaps?
  • I’d offer you the cup of perfection if you were my favourite drink since you’re the best.
  • If you and I get together for coffee, you’ll see how terrific we can be.
  • My coffee isn’t sufficiently hot! Would you be able to keep it for a while?
  • Because you’re extremely hot and I’m a high-maintenance Starbucks customer, you’re turning me into one.
  • Is it possible for you to deal with me? I’m hotter than the coffee you’re drinking.

Dirty Coffee Pick Up Lines

Very dirty pickup lines for Coffee you can use. Hot collection of seducing lines your partner will love.

Coffee Pick Up Lines

  • Hey, I just met you, and this is insane, but here’s my phone number, so caramel me?
  • If I get to chat with you like this, I don’t mind cooking Moccaccino for you every day.
  • Do you think you need more sugar or do you think I’m sweet enough?
  • Do you detect an almond flavour in this Keemun? No? That’s strange because I adore you.
  • I’m not a coffee drinker, but the combination of your smell with the aroma of coffee is tempting.
  • I’m not sure how you manage to look so good before coffee.
  • Cappuccino, like my love for you, never gets old.
  • Miss, please excuse me, but things are about to get a little heated in here.
  • After you’ve made your tea, you can start calling yourself Barney Steep-son.
  • Is it okay if I add cream to your coffee?
  • ‘Are you a coffee, honey?’
  • Because you jolt my senses awake.
  • I had to clean my filter twice after seeing how lovely you are because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
  • Do you create kombucha at home? Because probiotics are beneficial to your health.
  • You have to be decaf since you’re so dreamy!
  • Is that a steam wand you’re carrying in your pocket? Or are you simply pleased to see me?
  • I haven’t forgotten your name, even if the barista has.
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7 Smart Ways to Ask for A Coffee Date

Want natural methods to invite someone out for coffee?


Cute methods to ask him or her out on a date.

Some become sceptical in their own thoughts when asking out.

Don’t get utterly speechless while talking to your crush.

a. Would you like to grab a coffee next week?

We employ the verb “grab” in an invitation. Intentionally to convey a casual tone.

A hint of suggesting a casual get-together.

You’re lessening the pressure on the person by using the verb

Allowing them more space to accept the invitation.

b. Sorry, but you owe me a cup of coffee.

Everyone loves to hang out with free minds. Surprises keep them wondering what next?

Asking this will trigger a response “Why?”.

Tell that since you’ve met let’s sit and talk to explore more.

Show your curiosity to learn more about him or her.

Cheesy, but works like a charm!

c. Are you free for a coffee sometime in the next few weeks?

A fairly open-ended and informal question.

You’re not asking if they’re available on a certain date.

Keeping the door open for them to suggest one.


A fantastic natural approach to invite someone out for coffee.

d. You seem fun – we should go out! What are you doing this Saturday?

Play it as simple as a normal conversation.

Don’t be ambiguous!

Many individuals ask, “Do you want to go out sometime?”

This usually results in a “yes, I guess” and a phone number exchange.

After which the female is never heard from again.

Coffee Pick Up Lines
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e. Are you up for a coffee this weekend?

The “up for” something means you are willing to try something new.

You’re offering a certain day.

The term “to be up for” keeps it light.

A little more direct but casual approach.

f. Can I get us a cup of coffee?

Pay great attention to their facial expression and body language.

Looking for a mild straightforward instant date classic?

The first half comes off as needy.

Backed by the last portion ensuring that it is not interpreted that way.

You should not introduce yourself if they appear uninterested.


g. Listen, I had a great time talking to you and you seem like a fun person. Let’s meet for coffee tomorrow.

Decide on a time and location for your coffee date before approaching.

Simple and straightforward, but highly effective.

Shows how serious you are about the date.

Relieves him or her of the burden of planning one.

Want to share a good place for a coffee date? Comment down below to help others to land coffee pick up lines safely.