75+ Football Pick Up Lines To Win Love Before Final Whistle

Ready to score a touchdown in the game of love? Kick off your charm offensive with these football pick up lines. Crafted for gridiron fans, these lines will help you tackle the heart of that special someone.


Whether you’re a rookie in the dating field or a seasoned pro, this list will help you channel your inner quarterback and make a pass that would even make the professionals proud.

Football Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a football? Because I can’t wait to catch you.

2. Are you a wide receiver? Because I’m feeling a strong connection.

3. You must be a touchdown because you’re adding points to my life.

4. Are you a quarterback? Because I’m feeling a pass coming on.

5. Are you a referee? Because I’m about to challenge your ruling of being single.

6. Is your name Field Goal? Because you’re right between my uprights.

7. Are you a defensive lineman? Because I can’t get past you.

8. Can I call you my coach? Because I need guidance to your heart.

9. Are you a touchdown pass? Because my heart is in the end zone.

10. In the game of love, I’m aiming for a two-point conversion with you.

11. I must be an offensive lineman because I can’t seem to block my feelings for you.

12. I’d love to be your first down in the game of love.

13. You must be on a football field because I just want to run towards you.

14. Is your name Overtime? Because I just can’t get enough of you.

15. Are you a hail mary pass? Because my heart is soaring towards you.

16. Want to play a little flag football? Because I’m definitely interested in catching you.

17. If our love was a football game, I’d definitely be winning.

18. Can I be your quarterback? Because I’d love to protect your heart.

19. Are you a football fan? Because I’m ready to go the extra yard for you.

20. If love is a football game, will you be my MVP?

21. Are you in the end zone? Because I’m looking at my ultimate goal.

22. I might not be a football, but I’d love to be carried in your arms.

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23. Are you a rushing attempt? Because my heart runs towards you.

24. If I were a football player, you’d be my only goal.

25. Are you a football playbook? Because I just can’t figure you out.

26. Can we make a forward pass on this relationship?

27. Are you at the Super Bowl? Because I’ve been looking forward to you all year.

28. You’re the only game I want to watch.

29. Just like a football, my heart gets a kick when I see you.

30. Is this the NFL? Because I am ready for a committed relationship with you.

31. You’re the only championship I’m interested in winning.

32. Are we on a football field? Because I’m about to score.

33. Are you a football coach? Because I’m ready to follow your lead.

34. I may not be an NFL player, but I can definitely make your heart race.

35. Are you a halftime show? Because you’ve completely captivated me.

36. Is it Sunday already? Because you’re the highlight of my week.

37. Are you a football helmet? Because I can’t get you out of my head.

38. Are you a football match? Because I’m looking forward to our time together.

39. Can I be your waterboy? Because I want to be by your side.

40. Are you in the fourth quarter? Because I’m ready to give it my all.

41. Do you believe in sudden death? Because I fell for you the moment I saw you.

42. You’re not just a first down, you’re a touchdown.

43. Can I be your defensive end? I promise to protect you.

44. Are you a field goal? Because you’re kicking my heart into high gear.

45. Are you the playbook? Because I need you to understand the game of love.

46. Are you the pigskin? Because I just want to hold onto you.

47. Are we on the 50-yard line? Because I feel we’re halfway to love.

48. Can I call you the Super Bowl? Because you’re the ultimate goal.

49. Are you the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Because I’ve been working hard to win you.

50. Are you in the end zone? Because I’m rushing towards you.

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51. Is your name Touchdown? Because my heart scores when I’m with you.

52. Can I be your tight end? Because I’ll always have your back.

53. You must be the Super Bowl ring because you’re all I’m dreaming of.

54. Are you a field goal? Because you’re three points above everyone else.

55. Can I be your quarterback? Because I’d love to take the lead in our relationship.

56. Are you on the football field? Because I just want to run my fingers through your grass.

56. I may not be a linebacker, but I’ll definitely protect your heart.

57. Do you believe in extra time? Because I can’t get enough of you.

58. Can I be the water bottle to quench your thirst after a tough game?

59. Are you in the end zone? Because I’m ready to score with you.

60. You must be a touchdown because I can’t stop thinking about you.

61. Is your name Quarterback Sneak? Because you just took my breath away.

61. Can we have our own Super Bowl celebration? Just the two of us.

62. Are you a quarterback? Because I’m ready to be your receiver.

63. Are you the referee’s whistle? Because I can’t seem to stop when you blow.

64. Can I be the mouthguard that protects your beautiful smile?

65. Is this a two-minute drill? Because I can feel my heart racing towards you.

66. You must be a football coach because you’re making my heart run drills.

67. Can I call you the end zone? Because you’re where I want to be.

68. Are you a tight spiral? Because I’m feeling completely caught up in you.

69. Is your name Hail Mary? Because I feel like my prayers have been answered.

70. Are you the game-winning touchdown? Because I’m ready for you to lead us to victory.

71. Can I be your lucky jersey, always bringing good fortune to our relationship?

72. You must be a halftime show because you have me completely mesmerized.

73. Do you believe in sudden death over time? Because I’ll fight for our love until the very end.

74. Can I be your equipment manager, making sure you have everything you need to succeed?

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75. Are you a football? Because I just want to hold onto you and never let go.

76. Is your name Fourth Quarter Comeback? Because you’re turning this game around for me.

77. You must be a touchdown because you’re taking me to new heights.

78. Are you the goal post? Because I’m ready to kick off this relationship with you.

79. Are you the game-winning field goal? Because I want to be by your side for every victory.

80. Can I be your playbook, learning all of your moves and strategies?

Football Pick Up Lines
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Q: Where are the best places to use football pick up lines?

A: Football-themed pick-up lines can be used effectively in a variety of settings. Football games, sports bars, or even a casual get-together during the NFL season can provide the perfect opportunity.

Q: Are soccer pick-up lines the same as football pick up lines?

A: While both types of pick-up lines are sports-themed, they aren’t necessarily the same. Soccer pick-up lines might reference goals, fields, and specific soccer terminology. Football pick-up lines, on the other hand, may include references to touchdowns, quarterbacks, and the Super Bowl.

Q: How can I improvise football pick up lines?

A: Improvising these lines involves understanding the game and its terminology, and then adding a creative, personal spin. Imagine the situation as a football game, and yourself as a player. Use metaphors that connect love and football.

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Wrap Up

As we reach the end zone of our list, we can see how football pickup lines can be imbued with creativity, humor, and a touch of authenticity. They can be charming and playful and also offer a unique way to express interest or affection towards someone.

From quarterbacks to Super Bowl rings, these lines explore every aspect of the game to draw parallels with the game of love.

Want to make someone smile, break the ice, or simply express how much someone matters, these football pick up lines certainly make an unforgettable impression.

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