75+ Golf Pick Up Lines To Ace Your Golf Date

Want to ace with golf pick up lines on a perfect golf date? Pick from the mini, funny, cheesy bag full of pickup lines to impress any Golfer Guys and Girls. Practice these pickup lines well so that they can save you like Albatross (Golf Shot) any day.


Try flirty pickup lines even Professional golf players’ top secrets can fall for!

Golf Pick Up Lines

Excellent Golf pick up lines ideas to impress your crush on a Golf date. Classic way to ask your partner’s hand in exchange for life commitment.

  • Hey, that’s an excellent swing you’ve got there.
  • Your putt looks excellent in those pants!
  • Even if my drives aren’t always lengthy and straight, I can show you what is!
  • Is it normal for a bear to poop in the woods? No, but I’m willing to put a screw in them just to be sure.
  • Is it okay if I serve as your caddie tonight? I’m a natural at washing balls.
  • You really know how to give a guy a vertical shaft angle, girl.
  • So, is it going to be Stroke Play or Skins today?
  • Hey, can I stick my club in your club cleaner?
  • Are you a water hazard? Because you got me soaking wet.
  • I’m going to drive you so hard with these balls you’ll be screaming “fore.”
  • Wanna see my super stroke?
  • Do you want me to pull it?
  • You’re welcome to come view my Slazenger, which will be accompanied by my freshly cleaned balls.

Mini Pick Up Lines Golf

Mini golfs are a great place to share your feelings on budget. Show how good you are to plan your grand date.

mini golf pick up lines

  • Wanna be my caddie? You look like you’d be a great ball washer.
  • I’m a bit tired, so can we play your backside tonight?
  • I’m going to pound you like these range balls.
  • Despite the fact that I’m terrible at golf, I can certainly wedge my balls into your sand trap.
  • Do you require instruction? I can assist you in putting it in the hole.
  • Are you certain you don’t have all four majors because you’d be a grand slam?
  • My shaft is too long.
  • Hello there, handsome. Are you Tiger Woods or simply pleased to meet me?
  • Do you want to see a clubhead that is larger than 460cc?
  • Do you slap the dimpled balls?
  • Because I don’t replace my divots, I hope you enjoy it harshly.
  • I’ve got some good news. I like to go low.
  • Is there any way you can soften my shaft because it hurts when I play?

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Golf

Melt the Golf ball like hard heart easily with cheesy golf pickup lines. Works great on very Professional players focusing more on career than any relationships.

cheesy golf pick up lines

  • Even if you’re an ugly dog-leg, I’d like to tee off.
  • 9 holes and chill?
  • Is it okay if I serve as your caddy? 
  • Before we play tonight, I’d like to clean your shaft.
  • You have a pretty nice swing there!
  • I’ve had a vertical shaft angle since the first time I saw you.
  • Wanna be my 19th hole today? I recently finished a round of golf.
  • Oh, you’re only a threesome? Do you mind if I join?
  • Is that my golf bag in your pants? Can I put my wood in there after a long drive?
  • Why don’t you round up two of your buddies and join us for a foursome?
  • Is it possible for a bear to urinate in the woods? 
  • I’m not going to put them in, but I’m willing to screw them in.
  • On the tour, I’m known for having a long shaft.
  • Can we just play backside for a minute because I’m pretty tired of everything else?
  • Let’s play a round of golf together at my house. What should we describe it in terms of strokes?

Funny Pick Up Lines Golf

Super funny pickup lines Golf you can pull to make the one smile. Hilarious choices of flirty lines are listed below:

funny golf pick up lines

  • Are you staring at my putt again?
  • Hello there, you’ve got a beautiful swing going on there.
  • Want to try my extra-stiff shaft?
  • Do you operate a miniature golf course? Because, honey, you have the ability to make my heart race.
  • You better wear your spikes, because you’re going to need all the traction you can get.
  • How many strokes do you want?
  • Hey, the woods surrounding the course look fantastic. 
  • Do you want to go out and create some noise?
  • Look how big his putter is…
  • Are you sure you’re not a grand slam if you have all four majors?
  • I’ve been golfing all day and would want to include you on my 19th hole.
  • You must be a Nike One Platinum Ball. Why, do you ask? Because you’d look amazing on a T.
  • I don’t always have long and straight drives, but I can show you what I do have.
  • On the tour, I’m well-known for owning a long golf club.

Golf Pick Up Lines For Guys

Impress the man you admire with golf pick-up lines for guys. Can you two vision your future together?

golf pick up lines for guys

  • Hey, were you recently promoted to Army captain, because I’m constantly looking for another major?
  • We can play a foursome if you bring some mates.
  • I’m no golfer, but I can certainly wedge my balls into your sand trap.
  • Wanna be my 19th hole? I recently finished a round of golf.
  • To improve your golf swing, widen your legs shoulder-width apart.
  • You’re more gorgeous than a golf course full of pink flamingos.
  • Can you suck a golf ball via a 50-foot garden hose, baby?
  • You have the appearance of someone who enjoys swinging.
  • Go call your golf friends and maybe we can have some threesome or even a group one.
  • Do you slap the dimpled balls?
  • I only play in the short grass.

Golf Pick Up Lines For Her

Tell your feelings for her with golf pick-up lines today. Ask her if she wants to spend with you?

golf pick up lines for girls

  • Oh man, my legs hurt so much. It’s tough walking straight after 18 holes.
  • On the road, I’m renowned for having a long club.
  • Your putt looks great in those pants.
  • You’re a dime a dozen. I’m thinking about using you as a ball marker.
  • Are you a round of golf? Because I’d do you for four hours. 
  • Do you want to join me on a round of golf, baby?
  • I’ll give you permission to place your balls in my hole.
  • Because I don’t replace my divots, I hope you enjoy it harshly.
  • Are you a round of golf? Because I’d do you for four hours.
  • I’m still honing my approach, but I think I’ve got a decent swing.
  • I’m like the US Open in terms of how hard and long I work!!

5 Golf Shots to Impress on Your Date

Create a good impression any time you’re out on the field to wow your date. Try to build the foundation before you land a golf pickup line first.

golf pick up lines
Ⓒ HonRW.com

Shot-shaping to your golf repertoire takes either practice or luck.

Give some time to master the difficult Golf shots to make it look like talent.

Never stop practicing after one ace. Stop when you don’t make any mistakes.

Arsenal your new weapon only talented can perfectly take.

1. Jordan Spieth Putting

Jordan Spieth is one of the best putters in the PGA Championship.

His putting stroke has been his demise at the PGA Tour.

Even though Jordan isn’t playing his best right now. The way Jordan Spieth puts is traditionally his best weapon.

The hole seems to shrink when he’s needed putts to fall.

Spieth has been hitting championship-worthy shots at the Ocean Course.

2. Punch Shot

A punch shot is intended for long and hard chips. The funny part is punch shot isn’t even a shot.

More influence higher the golf ball flies in a strong crosswind.

Try to reduce the impact of a strong wind on the golf ball.

Depending on the distance and speed desired, pick anything from a 6- or 7-iron to a pitching wedge.

The goal for most golfers is the swing should be shorter with a punch.

3. Hybrid Around Greens

A hybrid around shot can save your day in any situation. Mastering the short game is challenging.

You need to set the club up vertically rather than horizontally.

No need to try to lift the ball into the air, just relax and putt. Even though better the more shots you can add to your pick up lines golf.

Reduce the surface area touching the ground. This will likelihood of less turf damage.

You can make a difficult shot simple by using your hybrid techniques.

4. Flop Shot

Do you know Flop is a trick shot? A high-velocity shot that lands gently with a little roll.

The high but softly played shot that lands on the green are called a flop shot.

Keep your posture open. Focus on your upper body. Set up on the balls with front foot heavier.

Swing to a finish. Ensure to keep your lower body still. Make a full swing. Either fly obstacles and stop the ball near the pin. Or fire past the pin and have the ball spin back.

How awful your misses do not matter. A flop shot increases your chances of saving par.

5. Bump And Run Shot

The bump and run is a reliable chipping technique. Amateurs love the bump and run before playing pick up lines golf favorites.

Letting it fly towards the hole by ‘bumping’ the ball into the ground.

Bring your feet together with a 7 or 8 iron. Now you want to mimic the putting stroke. Not a full-swing or flop.

Keep your wrists still as well. Imagine your arms as a pendulum. Do not bend the wrists like the putting stroke after the swing.

Your goal is for them to swing organically and comfortably

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