100+ Pokemon Pick Up Lines To Catch Legendary Crush

Top-quality Pokemon pick up lines trending ideas for nerds love to plug. Get evergreen funny, cool, dirty, and cute pick up lines every nerd’s dream to receive. Pokemon is one of the most well-known video game series ever. From our early playthroughs of Pokemon Red and Blue to the newest Nintendo Switch releases.


Gotta catch them all!

Even if the Pokemon craze of the late 1990s is over, there are still some unusual Pokemon pick up lines in demand among nerd stars. There is no doubt that this series remains one of the most beloved JRPGs in the world. It will continue to leave a legacy for years to come. Reasons why Pokémon will outlive us all:

  • Different products
  • Global market
  • Demand for different Pokemon collectibles
  • Video games
  • Playing cards
  • Soft toys
  • Cross-selling generates billions

Pokémon may have originated with honest relationships. It quickly developed into a corporation to maximize revenues through addictive components. Fast-moving consumer products turned into collectibles. Friendly personalities make the charming characters approachable.

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  • How about you drop that towel so I can take a Pikachu.
  • Can I fingerbang you, with my Bulbasaur?
  • My love burns for you like the fire on a Typhlosion’s back.
  • You put the “cool” in Tentacool.
  • I’ll use Rock Climb in your Fortress.
  • You must be a Charmander because you’re getting me hot.
  • The name’s cock..I mean brock..wait, I said that right.
  • Aye girl, if I were a Nidoking, you’d be my Nidoqueen.
  • If you’re Snorlax, can you make an Earthquake in my bed?
  • You’re so hot, I’m going to need a Burn Heal.
  • Aye baby are you a Flareon? because you’re a sexy fox
  • Do you want to register your number in my PokeNav?
  • Is that a Sudowoodo in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me?
  • Do you have a Ditto in your pocket because I can see myself in your pants?
  • I like to Pikachu when you’re naked!
  • You want me to become Charmander? Cause my pp is on fire right now
  • I’ve got Masterballs baby.
  • Girl, are you a Pokémon cause I would love to throw my balls at you.
  • You’ll be Weezing after I’m done with you.
  • Do you want to watch my Ekans evolve?

Cute Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  • Do you know Dig? Because you just dug your way straight to my heart.
  • I’m a real Machamp if you know what I mean.
  • Do you wanna see my POLI-WAG?
  • When I’m around you, I’m like a Geodude. As hard as a rock!
  • Yveltal is red, Xerneas is blue, Fennekin is cute, But not as cute as you.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by with my incense again?
  • I wish I was a Magikarp, so I could use Splash on you.
  • Are you a Hitmonlee? Because your body is kickin’.
  • Squirtle isn’t the ONLY one that can use a water gun. – wink –
  • My love for you burns like a Charizard’s tail.
  • You’re more beautiful than a Beautifly.
  • Can I call you Cinderella? Because I’d be happy to be your Prince Charmander!
  • There are a lot of Magikarp in the sea but I’m looking for a Gyarados like you
  • Why don’t you and I go back to my gym and have a naked battle?
  • You put the “bone” in Cubone.
  • My Kadabra has just used future sight, and guess what? It appears like we have got a future together.
  • My Magikarp knows a little more than Splash if you know what I mean.
  • Hey girl, lemme see them Jigglypuffs.
  • I’d POUND you with my Piplup.
  • Don’t make me use Water Gun all over you!
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Dirty Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  • Hey sweet thang, can I watch your Squirtle squirt?
  • If I were a Hitmonchan, I would Thinderpunch that ass.
  • Have you been taking lessons from a Lickitung?
  • I’d POUND you with my Piplup.
  • You must be a hot girl. Because I want to stick my Onix into your Cloyster.
  • If I were a Pidgeotto, I’d GUST your pants off.
  • Those are some nice HOOTHOOTS you got there.
  • Do you wanna battle? ‘Cuz my balls are at the ready!
  • Want to ride my emPOLEon?
  • You are such a great catch, I think I’m going to use my only Master ball on you.
  • Let’s make it like a Super Rod and hook up.
  • You must know Earthquake because your smile leaves me shaking inside.
  • You’re more legendary than Entei of Mew. But out of a million, I choose you.
  • You make my Bulba sore.
  • I made you some MooMoo Milk, but I forgot to use my Milktank.
  • Do you wanna see what’s in my ball bag?
  • You put the “Double-D” in Dodou.
  • What’s your favorite move? Mine is LICK.
  • Charmander is red Squirtle is blue. If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you.
  • Are you Pikachu because you electrify me

Funny Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  • If I’m Pigeon, I can take off your pants with “Kazeokoshi”.
  • I like to compare myself with Smeargle…I’m pretty handy with a paintbrush.
  • Are you from the Hoenn region, because you are the only HO I see
  • My Typhlosion knows EXPLOSION!!
  • How would you like to see my viridian forest, well it’s not really viridian.
  • Are you a Pikachu? Because you’re shockingly beautiful.
  • If I were a Pidgeotto, I’d Gust your pants off.
  • If I were a Hitmonchan, I’d Thunderpunch dat ass.
  • STD’s are like Pokemon baby, gotta catch ‘em all! Wanna help me out?
  • Your gonna need a HYPER POTION by the time I’m done with you.
  • Let’s make it like the pages of this guidebook and get under the covers.
  • Do you wanna see what’s in my ball bag?
  • Your smile is stronger than a Hyper Beam.
  • Hey baby, wanna SPOINK?
  • I heard Meowth’s not the only mischievous pussy in town.
  • I’d like to get in your rock tunnel.
  • Do you wanna play with my poke balls
  • Do you want to see my Poliwag?
  • Want my Caterpie to use String Shot on you?
  • When I’m around you, I am like a Geodude, as hard as a rock!

Cool Pokemon Pick Up Lines

Pokemon Pick Up Lines

  • Do you wanna see my Nuggets?
  • I’d like to ride you like a Horsea.
  • You make me RY-HORNY!
  • I heard Meowth’s not the only mischievous pussy in town.
  • I think I need a Paralyze Heal because you’re stunning.
  • If I were a Milktank, I’d use ATTRACT on you.
  • You make my Darkrai rise.
  • You put the “Double-D” in Dodou.
  • I think we’re going to need Defog (HM05) before the night is done.
  • Do you want to battle? My monster ball is ready!”
  • If you play your Pokémon cards right, I can make your Bulbasaur tonight.
  • If I were a Clefairy, I”d DOUBLE-SLAP dat ass.
  • Wanna watch my EKANS evolve?
  • If I were a Clefairy, I would double slap that ass.
  • I wish I was a Magikarp, so I could use SPLASH on you!
  • Are you a Rare Candy? Because I feel a level up.
  • My Diglett’s attracted to your Sweet Scent.
  • I’m not gonna Raichu a love song.
  • Is that a Ditto in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants
  • If you were a pokemon, you’d be a Squirtle, cause you make me wet!
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25 Terrific Pokemon Gift Ideas For Your Love

Who will turn down Pokémon presents? None! After a lengthy lull, Pokémon is back. Pokémon GO, Detective Pikachu, and now the Nintendo Switch Pokémon mania may have you feeling nostalgic for the mid-late ’90s. A list to A-Mews your love with Pokémon gifts includes figures, games, and nostalgia.

1. Neon Pokeball Sign

Make a room a Pokemon center with a glowing neon sign. This LED sign may be plugged into the power or a USB port and has support for a nightstand.

2. Pokedex Game Storage Case

Give a fan Dexter the Pokedex’s game storage case. The aluminum case, fashioned after Ash’s gift from Professor Oak, holds 6 Nintendo Switch cartridges.

3. Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards

Shadowless Charizard is rarer than a Base set first edition shadowless Charizard. This unique Pokemon trading card shows your cat as a monster with attacks like “Cuddle” and “Sonic Meow.”

4. Pikachu Lamp

Your best friend protects you against Beedrills and Bears. This Pikachu Lamp will let kids sleep soundly in their own beds. 7″ tall, he casts a subtle, unobtrusive glow.

5. Personalized Pokemon-Inspired Letters

Help a young fan learn their alphabet using Pokemon. These handmade letters include Charmander and Togepi. Handmade letters add a personal touch.

6. Vintage 1995 Gamefreak Pullover

This Gamefreak pullover screams 90s style. After putting it on, you’ll hear 8-bit Red/Blue music. Choose from six colors for this DTG-printed pullover with a vintage vibe.

7. Oversized Pokemon Pullover Hoodie

This huge Pokemon hoodie is a human evolution stone, complete with a snack pocket. Super-soft polyester sweatshirt transforms you into Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander.

8. Pikachu Coin Stealing Piggy Bank

Save for potions, TMs, and Pikachu. He shouts “Pika Pika” when you put a coin on the yellow button to start saving. When he’s full, shop at Celadon.

9. Pokeball Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker plays podcasts, music, and Professor Oaks’ Pokemon Talk. The iHome speaker’s Bluetooth may be engaged by hitting the ball’s center button. It’s portable, USB-chargeable, and has a speakerphone.

10. Realistic LED Pokeball with Pikachu Figurine

Waiting for the Pokeball button to light up and pop had kids’ hearts racing. This Pokeball duplicates the tension with an on-off LED. Inside is Pikachu.

Pokemon Pick Up Lines
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11. Crystal Engraved Pokeballs

A champion-to-be needs a crystal ball to predict future clashes. These etched Pokeballs are lovely. Choose from regional Pokemon. Each ball has a rotating LED base that throws a cool shadow on the wall.

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12. Kanto Indigo League Set of 8 Badges

Fans who started on Red, Blue, or Yellow will adore these badges. Gym badge pins come framed or unfastened. When exhibited, a Pokemon fan will be ready for the league.

13. Personalized Pokemon Print

Personalize a dual battle print with you, your buddy, and Pokemon. Choose a background, stance, and Pokemon. The high-resolution image looks fantastic in the game area.

14. Pokemon Surprise Bath Bombs

You won’t know what’s in the Pokeball until the bath bomb dissolves. The bombs contain Epsom salt to ease muscle discomfort and coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize.

15. 3D Mew Night Light

Capture the elusive Mew to make this nightlight. The 151st Pokemon will illuminate any Pokefan’s bedroom in 5 colors. Personalize with their name.

16. Pikachu Meme Shirt

You never know how often you’ll need Shocked Pikachu. T-shirt it to make it easier. This 100% cotton shirt has Pikachu’s shocked face peeking over a pocket in 4 colors and 4 designs.

17. The Pokemon Cookbook

The Pokemon Cookbook has recipes as good as Brock’s. You’ll find 35 Pokemon-inspired main dishes and treats to prepare, eat, and Instagram.

18. Pokemon Cookie Cutters

All caught? Must crush them all. The set includes four characters and Pokeball cookie cutters. You can push a character’s shape and attributes into the dough to make decorating easier.

19. Pokemon: Classic Collection Books

Young trainers require screen-free time, but they can still play Pokemon. The Classic Collection has 8 volumes on Ash’s Kanto travels. They’re easy to read, interesting, and will get kids reading.

20. Pokemon Tail Bookmarks

Pokebutts are cuter than dog butts. Set of bookmarks featuring character tails. Choose from Squirtle to Meowth.

21. Pikachu LED Light

A Pikachu-shaped LED light lights up a Pokemon fan’s desk or table. This plastic lamp doesn’t overheat, lasts 10,000 hours, and changes colors.

22. Pokemon Monopoly: Kanto Edition

Play Pokemon-inspired Monopoly with Brock and Misty. Pokemon Centers and Marts should replace houses and motels. Beware of Team Rocket!

23. Throw n’ Catch Pokeball Pack

Throw n’ Catch Pokeballs and let young trainers practice safely. The balls are composed of a strong, soft stress-toy material that can withstand strikes and misses. The balls’ centers shine in the dark.

24. Pokemon Go Pedometer Step Counter

What’s a trainer to do with eggs to hatch, candies to collect, and a severe weather forecast? Put your Pokeball plus, phone, or smartwatch on this step counter to walk without moving. Nearly 7000 steps per hour are recorded.

25. Poké Ball Lunchbox

Complete your Pokedex and beat the Elite 4 several times without shame. Poke Ball lunch boxes combine fanaticism and yummy snacks. Snorlax-proof and roomy.

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