The 7 Best Types of Hugs and What They Mean

Get health advantages with different types of hugs rulebook. What do they mean for guys or a woman? Learn from the Bible of Hugs, just your one fingertip away.


Hugging is a fantastic technique to enhance your immune system.

Starting from healing depression to improved sleep. Touch has numerous several health benefits according to studies.

Particularly hugging amongst different types of touch performs well to reduce stress.

Completely free hugs have no negative side effects. You can give or receive a hug at any moment. Don’t tell me to prescribe you a big warm hug!

Types of Hugs

Wondering what are the best types of hug? Come out of the shell of shyness to show your warm affection smartly.

Most casual physical closeness interactions can be uncomfortable for someone.

Some still find uncomfortable with the opposite sex. Stop being horny all time can help you normalize greeting the opposite gender.

This article offers advice on different types of hugs and what they mean:

a. Side Hug

A person hugs another by wrapping one arm around their shoulders. Instead of both is a side hug.

Side Hug

Usually, they stand side by side. A demonstration of affection is a side hug.

Many use this hug to pose for photos.

Regular hug has more affection compared to them.

What they mean: People who are not really close find this more appropriate.

A side hug means you are not totally in it.

This hug is more popular among teammates or friends.

Kind of enjoying the moment without being completely into the person.

b. One-sided Hug

The right half of the brain controls emotions and the left side of the body. Both persons are facing each other in a one-sided hug.

One-sided Hug

One receives the hug while the other gives it usually.

The receiver’s arms are usually by their sides and they are limp. The giver is tightly clutching the other.

A strong emotional reaction pushes us in that way.

Both persons are facing each other in a one-sided hug.

What they mean: The most emotionally beneficial hug may not be greeted always.

A clear form of permission or approach helps to involve.

This hug is one of the closest and symbolizes deep love in comfort.

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c. Heart-to-heart Hug

Seeing your friend in depression what will you do first? You will probably heart-to-heart hug them.

Heart-to-heart Hug

A purposeful heart-to-heart revitalizes your heart with immense joy. With their left sides, both huggers approach to embrace.

Receiving this hug is both comforting and calming.

Science shows it reduces blood pressure, anxiety, tension, and provides an overall sense of caring.

What they mean: This hug helps you match your heartbeats with your hugging partner. Many individuals hug from the right side unconsciously.

Doing it purposefully correctly is already very appealing. This is a fantastic embrace for couples that wish to get closer. Heart-to-heart hugs are also useful for people who don’t usually hug.

d. Hugging around Waist

A strong relationship partners waists are perfectly aligned. The arms will rest wrapped on each other’s waists.

Hugging around Waist

One intense hug may develop into a loving embrace showing a passionate relationship.

What they mean: This romantic hug indicates that the recipient wishes to spend as much time as possible with you.

Staring into each other’s eyes may create space for someone to take the next step.

f. Bear Hug

People who are entirely in love with each other share the Bear Hug.

Bear Hug

Standing up is the most typical way to give a bear hug.

Closer, tighter, and usually lasts longer compared to a regular hug.

What they mean: A bear hug implies when you feel safe. Kind of a hug that calms you down and makes you feel better.

On a physical level, this form of hug is very satiating.

You have strong affections for them if someone offers this kind of embrace.

g. Hug from behind

You have reached certain level of intimacy if someone gives you hug from behind.

Hug from behind

One person usually stands behind the other. Binds the involvers arms around chest or torso. The hugger’s front contact the other’s behind closely.

No physical and emotional distance is left between you and the other person. 

A degree of trust in the combination already exists.

The person desire to be in committed relationship with you.

What they mean: Shows how genuinely they care about you and want to support you.

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You two are at ease with one other enough to get that close.

h. Friend Hug

A pure two-armed hug with both people’s chests touching is a friendly hug. A long hug means they think of you as best friend.

Friend Hug

Ensure extra space between the two pelvises.

This prevents anything from being misinterpreted as sexual or romantic.

A Friendly types of hugs indicates that they are in need of assistance.

Make sure you pay attention to them. Offer whatever you can to assist them.

What they mean: Someone you can count on when things go bad in life will give you a friend’s hug.

Just to keep things safe avoid making pelvis contact. Unless you met after a long time.

10 Commandments for One Impactful Hug

Hugging someone is a wonderful method to express your love.

There are many different forms and intensities of affection.

Hugging your lover romantically is likewise unique. Necessitates special considerations too.

HonRW experts will teach you how to share warmth perfectly.

  1. Make Eye Contact
  2. Approach Slowly
  3. Read Body Language
  4. Open Your Arms
  5. Take A Deep Breath
  6. Lean Into The Hug
  7. Use A Light Touch To Start
  8. Be Genuine
  9. Hold The Hug
  10. Release Gradually

1. Make Eye Contact

Trust, warmth, and honesty are associated with eye contact.

The eyes function as the body’s focal point.

Eye contact creates nonverbal communication pathways.

2. Approach Slowly

Hand clasping or arm gripping is common before a hug. So, wait for an indication.

Eye contact establishment is very important.

Approach carefully only if you receive the signals. Give some moment for the person to initiate the process.

3. Read Body Language

Don’t force a hug if the person doesn’t appear to be getting ready to hug you.

Lower your arms and take a smooth step back.

Check to see if the person you are hugging is willing to have physical touch with you.

Hug only when the person you are hugging spreads his or her arms in front of you.

4. Open Your Arms

Hugging exposes our vulnerability. Indicating that you are willing to take a chance by opening your arms.

Your heart and chest expose to the person in front of you when you open your arms. As if you are letting someone into your personal space.

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10 Commandments for One Impactful Hug

5. Take A Deep Breath

Take a big breath after the hug has begun.

It allows the two bodies to relax and synchronize your breathing.

6. Lean Into The Hug

Full body contact provides more benefits than this form of a hug.

Our chakras all line up and energize each other when our bodies make full contact.

Lean your body into the types of hugs. Create contact without making the other person uncomfortable.

7. Use A Light Touch To Start

Touch and personal space are various comfort zones for different people.

Very critical to approach the hug with caution.

Hugging the person too closely is not a good idea. Be soft in return if they are soft.

How firmly they squeeze is the greatest way to evaluate how tightly or loosely you should types of hugs.

Embrace back in the same manner only if they prefer bear hugs.

8. Be Genuine

Expect nothing more than a shared moment of warmth. A hug is simply a hug and has no further meaning.

Hug with the sincere intention of sharing yourself.

Make the person you’re hugging feel comfortable if either of you wanted it.

A decent embrace is appreciated by the majority of individuals.

9. Hold The Hug

A hug is a strong way to show someone you care about them.

But cutting it short might make both of you feel awkward.

Hold it for at least 10 seconds before letting go of the hug.

The shortest time it takes for the emotional and physical advantages of hugs to kick in.

10. Release Gradually

One can ease hugging an opposite gender person. Whether they are acquaintances or crush.

Gently disengage when you feel it’s time to let go of the hug.

Release occurs most of the time without any verbal cues. Enjoy the calming effects of your hug!

Comment to help beginners better understand different types of hugs and what they mean.

What types of hugs worked for you to redefine your relationship? Share your adorable first hug story with us.

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