75 Best Ghosting Responses to Give a Befitting Reply

Want the best Ghosting Responses to save you from another heartbreak? Get witty lines to deal with stalkers, who are constantly measuring your moves silently. You need to put the effort in order to protect your peace from harmful energies. One clear disclosure is the best way to communicate with such negative people.

You Turned the Page, I Burned the Book.

Words are powerful when used in the right order. Using caution during the exchange of texts is very important. The best way to do this is by communicating with them in a timely manner. Preplanned lines work well as it demotivates a Ghoster to follow further. Five reasons why winning back Ghosters is not a good idea:

  1. Had a good reason for letting him or her go.
  2. Both still carry the baggage from your relationship.
  3. Trust you had has been shattered.
  4. You can either move forward or backward. Not both. That’s called standing still.
  5. People don’t make you happy. You are happy when you’re with them.

Ghosting is a common problem that many people face. But it can be lessened by understanding signs your Ex is waiting for you to make a comeback. Not allowing the Ghoster to follow you through on their threats is necessary. Also, remember that just because someone is ghosting you doesn’t always mean they’re evil or bad.

Best Ghosting Responses

Life transforming best ghosting responses to stop the stalker from creating any frightening experience. Evil eye stalking can be scary at times. Stop watering the fear of being watched or monitored. Tackle them with perfect responses for Ghosters through direct texts.

  • I don’t think I can pursue a relationship with someone who treats communicating with me like a hobby rather than a priority. I hope you understand.
  • Your favorite emoji must be ?.
  • I assume that we are both on the same page when I say that I don’t see this going anywhere. But good luck on your dating journey.
  • Are you OK? You haven’t texted in a while, and I wanted to make sure you were doing all right.
  • You’ve won one last chance to meet up for a drink! Reply with your availability this week to claim your prize.
  • I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to circle back, per our last message exchange.
  • Your communication skills make me think you’re looking for something casual. I’m looking for something serious, so I think we should part ways.
  • I get the vibe you’re not a big texter — if you ever decide you want to hang out again, give me a call with the nearest rotary phone or something.
  • You haven’t replied for some time. I’m over it now. Goodbye.
  • Well, I can cross “dating a ghost” off my bucket list, at least.
  • It was nice knowing you. No, wait. Actually, knowing you sucks!
  • I guess we’re playing “Who Can Go Longer Without Texting First.” You’ve won!
  • I don’t think I can pursue a relationship with someone who treats texting with me like a hobby.
  • Just wanted to tell you that you’ve been quite disrespectful. No mature woman would let you behave like this.
  • This conversation is beginning to feel like a case for the Ghostbusters.
  • You must have misheard me when we talked about magazines. I read Vogue, not vague.
  • Hmm, I’ve never heard of someone taking a two week shower… That’s a little concerning to me.
  • I think I deserve better than being left on read, so I’m going to move on in my dating journey.
  • Since I haven’t heard from you in a while, I think I’m going to move on. For me, this has run its course.
  • Is everything all right? I noticed it’s been a while since you responded.
  • I don’t have the time to be on and off with you.
  • I see you’re “playing it cool.” It’s too bad I’m not 15 anymore, and I don’t think emotional unavailability is cool.
  • I’m sorry that a few great dates would end like this. Maybe you should man up next time and let her know when you aren’t feeling it.
  • You’re inspiring. If I suddenly lost my thumbs, IDK how I’d still be posting Instagram stories.
  • You haven’t replied for some time, so I’m over it by now. Bye.
  • Since I haven’t heard from you, I think I’m going to move on.
  • If you thought you could ghost without me noticing, you’re dead wrong.
  • I’ve been enjoying our chats, but I lose interest when there’s no contact. I’m not into something so hot and cold.
  • Just wanted to tell you that was a sign of huge disrespect. No mature woman would let you behave like this.
  • Based on our communication in the last few weeks, I think you and I are looking for different things. I want someone who will prioritize me and value my feelings, so I’m going to move on.
  • Guess what, I’m not a mind reader. You should have told me what you wanted – no hard feelings.
  • I know ghosting has become normal, but it still hurts. I won’t be talking to you anymore.
  • Getting ghosted is not fun, and I hope the next person doesn’t do it to you.
  • I bought you a dictionary since I know you struggle with writing texts.
  • Maybe I gave you the impression that I’m OK with not talking for weeks. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but Should I wait to hear your excuse for why you’ve been MIA, or should I just delete your number?
  • If you think I’ve spent the last few weeks waiting for your call, you’re totally right.
  • Can’t wait to write the next Ghostbusters movie about you.
  • I’m warning you: if you don’t text the text, I’ll walk the walk.
  • Come on, stop with all those texts. You’re literally obsessing over me, and it’s becoming too much.
  • I understand if you’re not feeling the same way, but I can’t read your mind. If you want to explain yourself, I’m listening.
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Befitting Ghosting Responses

Surprise your past with the best ghosting responses with befitting lines. Show how you healed over time accepting people come and go in life. Unacceptable memories stored in the brain take a long time to stabilize. Especially if you can remember every detail of unpleasant events.

  • I’m really upset that you ghosted me. I’ve been very respectful to you, but I don’t feel like you’re being respectful to me.
  • I’m sorry, did you just ghost me? ME?
  • You really talk the talk but don’t text the text, huh?
  • I am a little confused as to why you stopped talking to me. Would you want to let me know what went wrong? I understand if not.
  • What you have done is cowardly, but it would take a real man to see that.
  • I’m going out with friends tomorrow night. If you’d care to join, we’d love to have you. It would be great to see you again, if your schedule allows!
  • I assume you’re no longer interested. I would have liked to have been told this honestly, but I still wish you the best.
  • I thought we were both adults, but I guess I was wrong about you.
  • I wish you’d considered my emotions before you decided to ghost me. It was rather hurtful. Goodbye.
  • I’m assuming you’re no longer interested. While I would have liked to have been told this directly, I still wish you the best in your future dating pursuits.
  • Is Halloween approaching, but nobody told me? I see you’re playing a ghost.
  • Just don’t try turning up again when you realize what you’ve lost.
  • I was looking for a partner, but I think I accidentally found a ghoulfriend instead.
  • I’m going out with friends tomorrow night. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you. It would be great to see you again!
  • This chat is beginning to feel like a graveyard.
  • Based on the lack of texting, I am going to assume you threw your phone into the ocean.
  • A reminder that Vincent Chase from Entourage is not a real person and does not exist. But I do! And your behavior kind of sucks.
  • This hot-and-cold communication style is very stressful for me. I think I’m going to move on.
  • I saw this and thought of you [alongside a tweet, TikTok, picture, etc.].
  • Now I have to cleanse my phone, because there’s clearly a petty ghost trapped in it.
  • If corporate email language won’t do it, nothing will.
  • My phone must be haunted, because there’s a ghost in my messages.
  • Hi, sorry, whose number is this?
  • Gosh! You’re bombarding me with all these texts! I’m not used to getting so much attention!
  • I appreciate the time we’ve spent together and the memories we had, but I’m going to end this.
  • Is everything all right? It’s been a while since you responded.
  • I can take a hint you know. But you could have been straightforward with me.
  • Every time I walk by my phone, there’s a chill in the air. Perhaps it’s you, ghost?
  • I am going to assume you threw your phone into the ocean.
  • Getting ghosted is not fun, and I hope the next person you talk to doesn’t do it to you.
  • Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you or anything. But you could have just been honest.
  • I thought Casper was supposed to be friendly.
  • Should I have been using a ouija board to talk to you?
  • I feel like you’re distancing yourself. There’s no need for us to keep talking if you aren’t feeling it anymore.
  • Should I block you now, or wait to hear your clever excuse?
  • It looks like your battery’s been dead for over a week. Do you need a charger?
  • Do me a favor and delete my number. I have no time to fool around.
  • I totally get you. I can’t stand texting either. We should get together more to talk instead of text.
  • Thanks for ghosting me. I really mean it. You saved me a lot of trouble.
  • Next time you want to ghost, at least hit with me a “Boo!” so I know what’s happening.
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Wrap Up

Ghosting responses can vary from person to person. Some people feel scared or threatened when someone follows them or tries to track them down. Others may be more situation-oriented and take no action. The best ghosting responses will aware you of the potential stalking behaviors. How to deal with them in order to protect yourself will depend on you.

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