75 Best Nurse Pick Up Lines to Win a Caring Lover

Prescribed Nurse pick up lines to impress any professional caretakers. Funny, cheesy, dirty ideas of good pick-up lines to propose your favorite Nurse are here. Take the opportunity to go straight to the heart using these new flirty scripts.


Hiding a biology proposal in mind will never get you a dream medical life partner.

Get over any fossilized methods to impress a nurse. New methods will tinge a sign of jealousy to ensure a green signal for you. Register your love on that perfect occasion.

Put the effort to pull the desired trigger of emotions today!

Nurse Pick Up Lines

Get the best nurse pick up lines to win a most caring person. Nurses are the most down-to-earth person who never let you go in down phases. Spend the rest of your life in the safest hands with:

Nurse Pick Up Lines

1) Did you damage my cerebellum? Because I’m falling all over the place for you.
2) Look, I’m dying here! I need a life! Please lower your standards and go out with me if you want me to survive.
3) Are you my appendix? Because I don’t understand how you work, but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
4) I am developing astigmatism. But when I’m with you I can see clearer.
5) You are my iodine, lithium, potassium, einsteinium, and uranium. Because “I Like U”.
6) It’s better for you if I switch nurses because it’s not moral to date me while I’m still your patient.
7) Did we go to school together? I swear I could see us having chemistry.
8) I wish I were your coronary artery, so I can be wrapped around your heart.
9) I think you should take the temperature instead of me because you’re looking very hot.
10) Hey I don’t know what you think of me but I hope it’s X-rated.
11) I’m a little low on oxygen because you just took my breath away.
12) I don’t think I’m fine, my heart just skipped a beat because of you.
13) If only I could fly, I would fly my ideas for you.
14) Please don’t be too sweet. I might get Diabetes!
15) You make my dopamine levels all silly.

Good Pick Up Lines for Nurse

Standard propose ideas to win beautiful nurse hearts:

Nurse Pick Up Lines

16) My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia tells me I love you.
17) Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.
18) I’m scared to have one apple a day because I don’t want you to go away.
19) You breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.
20) Excuse me, I think you dropped something: My jaw.
21) I think my vestibulocochlear nerve is damaged, I keep falling for you.
22) You’re in the wrong profession. You shouldn’t be a nurse. You should be my husband.
23) We should get some coffee… Because I’m liking you a latte.
24) If you were a laser, you’d be set on “electrifying”.
25) You take care of me so well, I’m sure you will be a good dad to our kids.
26) I need medical attention! I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you.
27) Do you have my other lung? Because I’ve been LUNG-ing for you.
28) You’re burning me because you’re too hot.
29) I don’t know if I want to get better if it means never seeing you again.
30) Did you hear that? Even my heart murmurs, “I love you!”

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Funny Nurse Pick Up Lines

Gift a smile by taking away the stress using:

Nurse Pick Up Lines

31) Are you my SA node? I can’t live without you because you are the reason why my heart keeps beating.
32) It’s so nice that you smell so good in a place so depressing.
33) Can you be my proximal because I don’t want to be distal to you.
34) I am ADHD and you are my Ritalin because you make me want to behave and have my attention on you.
35) I can do rapid clothing removal so fast that you’d be amazed.
36) Can you show me how to do mouth-to-mouth, on me?
37) Do you know that you are Sodium and I am H2O? Because wherever you go, I go.
38) I love the way you make me vasodilate.
39) I think you have nice veins. Can I pick up your line?
40) You really turn me on…q 2 hours.
41) What do your beautify and the c diff smell have in common? They are both undeniable.
42) I am manic-depressive on you. I calm down and cheer up when I’m with you.
43) I’m no organ donor, but I’d be happy to give you my heart.
44) Are doing Valsalva maneuver on me? Because you just made my heart stop beating for a while.
45) I’m not an organ donor but I’d give you my heart anytime.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Nurse

Clear hint ideas to propose to a nurse during a regular checkup:

Nurse Pick Up Lines

46) We should study some anatomy together.
47) I think I’m developing tics. I just can’t help but wink at you.
48) Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here.
49) If you need to study anatomy, I can help with the bones.
50) I’m diagnosing you to see if you’d make a good boyfriend.
51) I am hemophilic for you because you paint my town red!
52) My love for you is like diarrhea. I can’t hold it in.
53) I am acting and you are my myosin because together we slide past together.
54) Hey, don’t stress about pharmacology. Love is the only drug we’ll need.
55) Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day.
56) I think I need some Vitamin ‘U’!
57) You must be the cure for Alzheimer’s because you’re unforgettable.
58) Is that a stethoscope around your neck, because I think my heart just skipped a beat.
59) Did you hear that? Even my heart murmurs “I Love You!”
60) My body is in a RAAS every time I see you. (Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System)

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Dirty Nurse Pick Up Lines

Naughty list of pick up lines to get into the deep healing straight:

Nurse Pick Up Lines

61) Are you a cardiac nurse, but I need someone to take care of my heart.
62) Stop being so sweet! I might get diabetes!
63) Do you have an inhaler? Because you took my breath away.
64) I don’t feel off anymore every time I see you because you turn me right on.
65) You’re like a car accident, I just can’t look away.
66) Is it just my olfactory or do you just really smell good.
67) Are you Broca’s Aphasia? Because you leave me speechless.
68) I don’t want an apple a day, because I don’t want you to go away.
69) You must be the one for me… Since my selectively permeable membrane let you through.
70) As someone as good as you at listening to hearts, you certainly aren’t listening to yours to go out with me.
71) Hey, are you a conditioned stimulus? Because you’re making me drool.
72) On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?
73) I’m a doctor and I have just diagnosed you with a-cute smile.
74) I’ve heard the only way to feel safe at night is to sleep with a nurse.
75) Am I dead? Surely I must be because I see an angel!

30 Lines To Thank Your Favorite Nurse Not In A Boring Way

Nurses around the world put their lives on the line to help people affected. Health care workers operated long grueling shifts during the pandemic. The lack of proper protective gear to keep them safe even could not stop them.

Giving compliments to such noble warriors is a form of heavenly experience.

Nurse Pick Up Lines

Professional frontlines never worried about their own health or their families at home. Respect the sacrifice by never crossing the limit of etiquette. Know the types of hug before you perform any thanksgiving.

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Respectfully want to thank a nurse for treating you?

No way to waste the opportunity using a few simple words of thanks. A heartfelt appreciation must go a long way. Thank them for their selflessness during your challenging times with the following lines:

a. Gratitude

Show kindness for treating you right until completely fit with these lines:

  • You have touched so many lives.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • We couldn’t get through this without you.
  • Heroes wear scrubs.
  • What you do means so much.
  • Thank you for all the personal sacrifices you are making to help others during this scary time.

Nurse Pick Up Lines

b. Love

Warm connection between you and your nurse deserves these lines:

  • I recognize that you are making an incredible sacrifice to keep us all safe.
  • Thank you for your hard work and bravery every day of the year—and especially now.
  • Thank you for your ongoing bravery and professionalism.
  • I’m in awe of your selfless dedication to helping others.
  • I am thankful for all health care workers during these challenging times.
  • Thank you for always going above and beyond your duties to care for others.

c. Compassion

Empathy to stay by your side during the toughest phase needs these lines:

  • We are so grateful to you every day.
  • Thank you for being courageous superheroes on the frontlines.
  • We are forever in your debt.
  • Thank you for your selfless service during these difficult times.
  • Sending you a virtual hug.
  • Thank you for saving so many lives.

Nurse Pick Up Lines

d. Heart To Heart

Organic flow of genuine love straight from the heart to heart with:

  • I am so lucky to have you.
  • We are so proud of you!
  • Thank you for being here when we need you most.
  • You’re doing an amazing job!
  • We see you, and we value you.
  • Thank you for working to protect us, even when you are exhausted.
Nurse Pick Up Lines
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e. Stress Reliever

Steal their stress and present a smile during their busy schedules:

  • You are an inspiration.
  • We will never forget your heroism during these difficult times.
  • You are my hero!
  • Thank you for working so many long, hard hours to keep us safe.
  • Words can’t express our gratitude for your work and dedication.
  • Thank you for giving your all.

Want to add your favorite Nurse Pick Up Lines? Share more effective dating tips to impress a Nurse with our beautiful readers.

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