100+ Effective Country Pick Up Lines Trending Now

Winning country pick-up lines everyone craving to impress their crush countryman or woman. New collection of country-specific pickup lines for Tinder and Music. They may not be as wealthy as country guys and do not ride a Mercy. You can put your trust in him with your life.


You’ll be head over heels in love with them after taking a tractor ride. Yes, boots, since wearing heels in the countryside is impossible. So, if you’ve already fallen for him, how do you make a country boy fall for you? Benefits of falling in love with country people:

  • Knows how to have a good time.
  • Riding a horse in the yard will suffice.
  • The ability to turn something mundane into something enjoyable.
  • Cheerful outlook on life.
  • Look at those powerful biceps!
  • Be treated like a prince or princess.
  • Doesn’t require any additional time to get dressed.
  • Enjoy boots and a cap.
  • Welcome to play in his large yard.

Country Pick Up Lines

Country Pick Up Lines

1. United States: On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?

2. Brazil: Dayum are you from Brazil? Cuz you’re a Rio angel.

3. Mexico: Dayum, you’re hotter than Mexico. Tijuana go out with me?

4. Scotland: Hey are you from Edinburgh? Cuz you’ve Scot is going on. Haggis, I’m in love!

5. Malaysia: Dayum are you the Petronas Towers? Cuz I wanna see you and send pics of you to all my friends.

6. Belgium: Are you Belgian? Cuz I waffle you so much.

7. Indonesia: You must be Indonesian because your face is unBali-viable.

8. France: MaDAYUM, you must be French, because I’m going to Seine thinking about you…

9. China: Are you from China? Because I can’t stop Peking at you.

10. Hong Kong: You must be from Hong Kong… because I’ve heard you have amazing buns.

11. Japan: Well you Tokyo time, but it seems I’ve finally met the woman of my dreams.

12. Australia: Are you from Australia? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.

13. Germany: Are you German? Cuz you’re a Nein and I’m the one Ja needs.

14. Switzerland: Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.

15. Greece: I’m not sure if you’re Greek, but you’re a Goddess.

16. Italy: Is your dad an Italian thief? Because you just stole a pizza my heart.

17. Spain: Man, I’ve heard about Barcelona’s pickpockets, but I had no idea you’d steal my heart so quickly.

18. Argentina: Call me Iguazu, cuz I’m FALLIN’ for you.

19. Singapore: Are you from Singapore? Cuz no jokeSing, aPore-ently I’ve fallen for you.

20. Canada: You must be from Canada… because you’re one in Eh million.

21. Bangladesh: Are you from Bangladesh? Cuz I’d love to Taka you.

22. Vietnam: You have no idea Ha Long I’ve been waiting pho someone like you.

23. England: Hey are you from England? Because to me, you’re a queen.

24. France: MaDAYUM, you must be French, because I’m going in Seine thinking about you…

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25. Switzerland: Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.

Music Country Pick Up Lines

Country Pick Up Lines

  • Honey, that’s a nice set of legs. What time do they open?
  • You must be Iceland’s main road, cuz I want to put a Ring on you.
  • Dayum, you’re hotter than Mexico. Tijuana, go out with me?
  • So you’re from the largest country in the world? Well, tonight, I’ll be the largest thing in your world.
  • You know how they say everything’s bigger in Texas? Want proof?
  • Wanna go to your place and break some furniture?
  • Are you in the small, mountainous country of Andorra? Because you’re beautiful and not enough people know about you.
  • You must be a cross country course because you take my breath away.
  • Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. It’s a big plus.
  • You know what they say about a cowboy with a large belt buckle.
  • I was just helping that sheep over a fence…
  • The difference between me and Django….This D ain’t silent. (Django Unchained)
  • I don’t know which South American country you are from. All I know is that I can’t take Mayas off you.
  • I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? You want me should walk by again?
  • Got eight seconds?
  • You’re finer than a frog hair split four ways.
  • You’re hotter than asphalt on a summer day.
  • Do you like Northeast African countries? Cuz I’m all about Djibouti.
  • Your daddy must be an outlaw, because you are such a bad girl.
  • Honey, I need a belt buckle this large to keep from gettin’ arrested in Mississippi.
  • Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but your truck is sexy. Can I ride maybe?
  • Romantic comedies and cuddling? No, thanks. I’d rather ride in your truck and have sex.
  • Country girls do it with their boots on!
  • Hello, do you have a lighter I can Bora Bora
  • Let’s take an exotic trip to Angola. Will Luanda go with me?
  • You’re under arrest! (For what?) For stealing my heart.
  • Are you from Armenia? Because of Yerevan in a million. (We Armen-t to be).
  • Wow, are you from the British Virgin Islands? Cuz your beauty is Virgin’ on ridiculous.
  • If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, we kin sleep til afternoon.
  • I ain’t ever seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high.
  • I don’t need a knight in shining armor. A sweet boy in old blue jeans will do just fine.
  • Ain’t no rodeo clown that can keep me off you, baby.
  • Would you allow me Dubai you a drink?
  • Hey, girl – I’m the best rider in the country.
  • That’s right, I said ‘AND the horse you rode in on.’
  • City boys got pickup lines. Country boys got pickup trucks.
  • Want to ride on my Monster truck?
  • Get ready, little lady. Hell is coming to breakfast.
  • I must say guys with tattoos and boots make me bite my lip and want to do dirty things!

Tinder Country Pick Up Lines

Country Pick Up Lines

  • I’m a Navy guy, and I’d fight for our relationship like I’d fight for our country.
  • Oh, baby, that’s not a pistol. I’m damn happy to see you.
  • Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.
  • You and your friend interested in some team roping?
  • Country boys don’t need pick-up lines, cause they’ve got pick-up trucks.
  • For a third-world country, you sure do look developed.
  • I can give you the wildest rodeo ride… in bed.
  • Damn, you’re hotter than Mexico. Tijuana, go out with me?
  • Wanna see my scars?
  • I just want someone to kiss me regardless of country of origin.
  • Let’s go out, and I’ll do to you what neither of these candidates will do to the country.
  • Me and You. Country music, cowboy boots, and pickup trucks.
  • You’re hotter than a tin roof in August.
  • Happy trails to you, till we meet again.
  • Here’s my card, call if you need a buck.
  • Are you a cowgirl? Because I can see you riding me.
  • Hows the border control at Djibouti? I´d like to get in
  • Apart from sexy, what do you do for a living?
  • And especially for the m/m lovers:
  • I’ll be in Intensive Care later. Why don’t you drop by?
  • I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
  • Are you from Belarus? Cause you’re so pretty, I wanna coMinsk-etch you.
  • Got 8 seconds? Wanna watch me unload my six shooter?
  • Here’s my number, call me when you need a few bucks.
  • Honey, I need a belt buckle this large to keep from gettin’ arrested in Mississippi.
  • What has 142 teeth and holds back the wildest ride ever? (motions to zipper fly)
  • Are you from Ecuador? Because you have the Quito my heart.
  • You must be from Algeria because I want to get Dinar with you
  • Them calves of yours sure look like they could use a bit of ropin’.
  • Got any Texan in you? Want some?
  • Do you rhyme with rain? I know you do cause you’re from Spain
  • I am cooking out so if you want some juicy sausage come on over.
  • I bet your father was a good farmer, because you one fine hoe.
  • Ain’t nothing in the whole wide world like a Southern Girl.
  • Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but your truck is sexy. Can I ride, maybe?
  • Is there a mirror in yer pants? Because I can see myself in em.
  • Girl, I want to foal-fill your needs.
  • Are you a good cuddler? I might let you join my gang.
  • The Sheriff wants to arrest me. Can I hide in your house?
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10 Romantic Tips To Win A Country Heart

Never underestimate country lads just because we’re all part of the internet generation now. Even if they don’t wear a shirt and tie and work in a high-rise building, it’s still worth fighting for his affection. If you try to get to know them better, you will fall for his charm quickly. They are more than just city boys; they are the ideal partner and potential husbands.

Below are some of the most intriguing methods you’ll ever come across:

a. Sing A Country Song

Find all of Taylor Swift’s old country songs here. Pretend to be a princess, and he’ll play the prince charming. Those beautiful Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush lyrics could become the romantic Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

b. Be A Best Friend

If you ask a country male what he wants from his girl, he will tell you that he wants a girlfriend who is like a best friend. Someone who will never abandon him and will always be on his side. Try listening to Tim McGraw’s song “My Best Friend.”

Country Pick Up Lines

c. Be Yourself

A country guy lives a simple life, and he is always truthful. He won’t bother you again, and he won’t take you for granted. In fact, if you show him your actual self, he will enjoy it. With the Signs When Guys Fall in Love, he’ll fall for the genuine you.

d. Be The One Wants To Spend Life With

Have you heard Randy Travis’ “Forever and Ever, Amen,” an old country song? That is exactly what a country boy desires from his lady. You’ll need the Wife Material Signs in order to spend eternity with him.

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e. Plan For A Horse Riding Lesson

Horseback riding is something you will never find in the downtown area.
There isn’t a country boy who doesn’t know how to ride a horse. A horseback riding date, on the other hand, can never go wrong.

f. Show Your Hard Work

An independent, diligent female who is willing to take off her heels appeals to a country boy. She isn’t worried about being coated in dirt or mud because it is a joyful activity for him. He has a lot of admiration for this type of girl, especially when she is “stubborn” in a cute way.

Country Pick Up Lines

g. Dig In Soul

A rustic boy who appreciates the basic things in life and desires a simple love. He wants someone who can accept him for who he is, see his broken side, and choose to stay by his side. He wants a girl who will adore him despite his flaws.

h. Enjoy Every Little Thing

Never put too much pressure on a country boy. Try to take in everything there is to see and do. A tranquil morning, the sound of birds waking you up, a stunning sunset, and even the river’s flow. They have a soul-healing power, and they’re also fantastic ways to make him fall in love with you all over again.

Country Pick Up Lines
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i. Be Nice And Playful

Every boy in the world would love to be with a nice and playful girl, not only a country boy. Imagine you and him, after a long day of horseback riding, telling jokes by the sunset. Where else would you be able to find such a lovely image?

j. Be A Reliable Parter

Except for the cowgirl herself, no girl was a suitable fit for the cowboy! Who cares if you’re not a cowgirl? Then transform into one. A tough and dependable cowgirl who is perfectly capable of living on her own.

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