7 Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You to Comeback Now

Want clear signs your ex is waiting for you before you make a move? Know if your partner is trying to save the love or breakup caused an illusion in your mind. Pay attention to details to make sure your ex still wants you in a serious commitment. A breakup is meant to end relationships. Sometimes your partner may try to stay in touch as a friend.



  • No More Dating – Your Ex not approaching anyone new hints they are likely still hung up on you. Fear of commitment is holding them back. Your Ex probably has attachment issues and needs your help.
  • Quick Replies – The speed at which your Ex replies can tell you if they want to talk to you. Getting dry replies means they are either not serious or no longer into you.
  • Hold Stuff – Gifts you gave your Ex has not been returned yet? It gives him/her a sense of connection. A hope that ensures they will see you again. Keeping your stuff is not accidental, they secretly want you back.

A breakup causes many valid emotions. Do your feelings for an ex-partner suddenly vanish? Can you fall back in love after years apart? Once you love someone, you can always love them again. It’s possible to fall back in love with a former partner. Rather than falling back in love with them some people never stop loving their Ex.

My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It’s happened before, it will happen again, I’m sure. When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive–I’ll find love again.
– Paulo Coelho

Finding love isn’t easy. If you’re the one ending things, you may wonder if it’s the right thing to do. What if you’re being broken up with, you may feel blindsided. Moving on is hard when you loved each other. Some can move on by trying, but others can’t. If your ex-partner exhibits these signs, they may be one.

Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You

Revitalize your life by encashing the signs your ex is waiting for you. Your past knows your hopes, dreams, and secrets. You had an easy-to-rebuild relationship. Why do some people fear their partner’s ex? You have them and vice versa. You don’t actually fall back in love with an ex. The love was always there but there was more involvement required.

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Your ex may have a piece of your heart from when you were together. If you had a loving relationship, a part of them may always be with you and vice versa. Reuniting with an ex isn’t worth the stress and hassle. Some people like starting over with someone new as love come and go. Falling for an ex may not be the best idea if your relationship ends badly.

a. Not Another Drunk Dial

Drunk texting your ex can leave you regretful the next day. Receiving these texts can make you question their veracity. Why does alcohol cause people to contact ex-lovers, partners, or flings? Are drunk texts meaningful or just alcohol talking?

Your Ex wants an ego boost. An intoxicated ex-lover may text you to seek validation or affection. Feelings are unresolved. A drunk person who hasn’t resolved their past may be seeking closure for a broken relationship.
They want cheap attention. You’ll know if this is their intention. Maybe he/she was bored. Boredom is a slim possibility, but it’s possible.

b. Block and Unblock Game

Sending a text or post on social media is way easier than writing letters or sending packages. This new form of communication can be convenient but also confusing, especially in relationships. Your ex keeps blocking you on social media. What are they thinking? Your ex blocking and unblocking you on social media could mean several things.

It’s possible they’re still upset about the breakup and are blocking you to get even. They may be testing the waters to see if they can reach out to you or if you will. If they want to contact you, they will. Focus on self-care and ending the relationship for now.

c. Apologetic Nature

Some breakups leave you with more to say. You need to vent or apologize before moving on. Perhaps you want to reunite. If you’re considering contacting an ex, consider what you want and how they’ll perceive your message. Should I text my ex? Be thoughtful and empathetic when texting your ex.

If your ex hasn’t responded to your texts, DMs, social media comments, stop. You must respect their decision to not communicate with you. Their silence says everything about reuniting or becoming friends. Your ex owes you nothing even if you send a well-worded apology text.

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d. Lost Love in Social Media

Social media is about seeking approval. Why do people post? They want to show friends and family what they’re up to, but the real reason is that we like it when people like or comment on our photos or say something nice to us. Unpredictable results can keep you connected to someone you should be avoiding. If you need validation, talk to a friend.

It shows you won’t let the breakup control your life, giving you time to heal. Whether you want your ex back or not, silence will make them miss you. If you dumped your ex-partner, his/her excessive posting may be an attempt to prove they’re over you. They may post pictures of themselves living their best life or with their new partner.

e. Display Strong Emotions

Many relationships have unpleasant fallout, so give your ex time to adjust. Letting past relationships rule your life is a waste of time. Remember your ex’s good qualities when communicating. Respected people usually return the favor.

Set boundaries with your ex and be open with your new partner about your previous relationship. A unified front prevents destructive events. If you and your ex have kids, you’ll stay connected. Putting kids first helps you prioritize.

f. Make You Feel Jealous

Jealousy isn’t caused only by love. It’s usually the ex’s ego or pride. Your ex may not still love you, but seeing you with someone else creates electroshock that makes him or her return. People often think that the end of a relationship means that the two people are now strangers who can ignore each other. Incorrect.

Relationships rarely end overnight. Some couples sleep together after a breakup, while others remain good friends. Breakups don’t always end ex-partner exchanges. If you’re still stuck in this mindset, you didn’t read the first part of this article. Your ex may still love you, but that didn’t stop them from leaving, so why would they return? Ask yourself!

“My ex is jealous” doesn’t mean they’ll come back. If you want to change things, you’ll need to use proper techniques. Using jealousy to get back together is a bad idea because it’s dangerous. If you’re dating to make your ex jealous and you say, “I love you, please come back…”

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g. Don’t Return Your Stuff

Your Ex still holds your belongings even though materialistically it’s not so precious? Their emotions are still raw. Your ex may not have asked for their stuff back. Because he/she wants to cut ties with you or is waiting for you to contact her. Put keepsakes and photos somewhere safe so you can look at them with a smile once you’ve moved on.

You can expect “your” items back if you return “theirs.” Jointly purchased/used items can cause drama, so don’t let your emotions override your practicality. It can be tempting to remove all evidence of your relationship from social media. When you break up with someone. Seeing a photo of you together every time you visit your profile can be upsetting and misleading. Delete all social media evidence of your relationship to move on or censor your past.

Do’s & Don’t of Reaching Out To Your Ex

Your ex can’t fix how you feel after a breakup. If you want closure, you’re probably feeling insecure and rejected because of how the relationship ended. Texting your ex-girlfriend could increase those feelings by forgetting the past. 15% of people got their ex back, 14% got back together only to break up again, and 70% never reconnected. A few success stories showed that if you put in the time and effort, you can succeed.

  • Don’t continue to contact them if they don’t respond.
  • Do be respectful of their current relationship status.
  • Do be realistic about the way your ex will actually respond.
  • Do be upfront.
  • Don’t text your ex impulsively.
  • Don’t text if it’s not going to be helpful for you both.
  • Do ask to meet in person when appropriate.
Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You
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Wrap Up

Getting over the past is not easy. Just because you are thirsty you must not drink poison. Visualize the consequences you had to go through. Are they perishable or can you really forgive? If yes go ahead and live a wonderful life ahead. Thank you for sharing the article Signs Your Ex is Waiting for You with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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