10 Simple Steps to Protect Your Peace Effectively

Self-care to protect your peace is essential living in a fast-paced society. Get long-lasting formula to limit the impact of negativity with actionable steps.


Forget finding temporary peace in random quotes.

“What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.”

You cannot accomplish mental peace in one day. Taking small positive actions regularly can only bring lifelong change.

Running away from negativity is not a permanent solution.

Use coexistence to achieve the PEACE you deserve!

Protect Your Peace

Wondering how to protect your peace? Random self-help quotes can work as a temporary positive trigger.

Sow the seeds of self-care today to reap the fruits of eternal joy.

Healthy practices can only drench your thrust to protect your inner peace.

Practice these 10 steps to achieve the calm state inside your mind:

1. Emotional Triggers

Point out what causes your anxiety. A person or certain topics you don’t want to discuss.

Protect Your Peace
– Richie Norton

Some even complain about certain environments make them feel bad.

Pay attention to your emotional triggers.


Limit your exposure to those triggers for some time. Stay away from them completely till it loses control over your mind.

Start also working on your bad habits that disrupt your peace.

2. Media Consumption

Be completely aware of what you’re consuming. Harmful media consumption dismantles your mindset.

Protect Your Peace
– Jim Morrison

The impact of audiovisual content is beyond just eyes and ears.

Memes on self-deprecation are also not good.


How can you expect peace while constantly pelting your mind?

Avoid any panicking social media or entertainment visuals. Your actions ultimately influence your thoughts.

3. Mindfulness Habits

Join a spiritual belief to slowly build your self-confidence. You get a secret source of true inner peace additionally.

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Protect Your Peace
– Idowu Koyenikan

Practice to re-center your core energy.

Emotional triggers will unstable your focus. Understanding God’s presence helps you to relocate your energy.


Habits like meditation, prayer, yoga, workout, or a simple walk are good for you.

Add “ME Time” to your daily To-Do list to activate your Chakras.

4. Control Reaction

Life is like a pot. Anything you put is what’s gonna come out. Hence the results control your reaction.

Protect Your Peace
– Bohdi Sanders

Be aware of the types of your reactions.

Avoid any form of media or memes that triggers rage. Limit the duration of consumption in case you can’t build the wall.

“The best fighter is never angry.”

Lao Tzu

Eternal peace is more important than quick reactions.


Take the liability of your anger before you utter a single word. Distract your brain to breathe a little bit for a neutral point of view.

5. Let Go

Inability to forgive can have harmful effects on your health. The smartest way to control your emotion is to let go.

Protect Your Peace
– Roy T. Bennett

Grudges are heartbreaking.

A high level of anxiety can risk coronary heart disease. Anger increases the chances of heart attack by five and stroke by three times.


Claim both healthy physical and mental conditions by forgiving your supposed wrongdoer.

Take a deep breath, calm down and forgive.

Empathize with emotional triggers (“friend” or foe) for sake of your health.

6. Power of Words

Jotting down your emotions is physically, mentally, and emotionally good for you. The brain regulates emotions that provide a greater sense of self-identity.

Protect Your Peace
– Robin Sharma

Writing diaries give you a greater sense of overall emotional well-being.

It evokes mindfulness by forcing the writer to remain in present. The expressive style of writing helps individuals to develop a more structured understanding of the world.

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You can emphasize the patterns of success growing in life.


Get access to your full brainpower as journaling unlocks right-brained creativity.

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Improves Immune Function
  3. Keeps Memory Sharp
  4. Boosts Mood
  5. Strengthens Emotional Functions

7. Declutter Space

The art of decluttering improves your decision-making skills. You can take decisions quickly whether to keep or discard.

Protect Your Peace
– Zoë Kim

Organizing gives the feeling of you’re adulting!

Peace comes from knowing your needs.


Eradicate social media jargon to make space for your real-life priorities. 

Feel more confident about your decision-making skills.

8. Draw the Line

Abiding healthy boundaries are the coolest way to ensure self-care. The world of Psychology advises keeping limits in lives and relationships.

Protect Your Peace
– Anna Taylor

Every functional healthy individual has set boundaries.

Have ownership knowing what you own. What responsibilities to take and where it ends.


Drawing a line prevents suffering due to any past activities.

Secure your future by exceeding the threshold of giving or sharing your resources. Nature enriches your life with peaceful time, positive energy, financial freedom.

9. Circle of Life

Life is not about what you get. Rather how much you can value nature.

Protect Your Peace
– Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Overthinkers may wonder what if I don’t get anything in return?

Someone has to make deposits before one can make withdrawals.


No need to wait for good to happen. Go out to radiate kindness on a daily practice.

Keep aside EXPECTATION the key source of unhappiness with:

  1. Give compliments
  2. Speak only good
  3. Adopt stray
  4. Share belongings
  5. Be thankful
  6. Help needfuls
  7. Share knowledge
  8. Observe more than you speak
  9. Forgive not revenge
  10. Be there for them

10. Burn Calories

Working out relieves tension and body stress. Release endorphins to enhance mental well-being.

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Protect Your Peace
– Jim Rohn

Do you know exercise improves your sleep?

Good sleep is an effective anti-anxiety treatment. It helps you boost your mood to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Exercise naturally reduces the chances of major depression by 26%.


Maintain an exercise schedule to prevent relapse.

How to Make Law of Universe Protect Your Peace

Want to visualize a space you feel calm? Heal your damages like recharging a battery?

Practice the ten actionable steps discussed above.

How can we be so sure it works? What is the process by which you can force the universe to fill your peace?

Protect your peace by cultivating awareness about the universe.

Protect Your Peace
Ⓒ HonRW.com

Butterfly Effect for Spirituality

Meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz had coined the term “Butterfly Effect”.

Butterfly wings scale changes like the theory.

One cannot predict in advance of the outcome can be.

What is Butterfly Effect?

The chaos theory refers to a phenomenon describing compound reactions due to minimal change in the universe. Small as a minute localized change in a complex system as input. It can cause a huge effect somewhere else.

How Butterfly Effect Can Protect Your Peace?

No need to worry about your small progress.

Small things matter.

If you can add up small efforts soon you will sum up big results.

The ten “Protect Your Peace” steps we read above may sound minute to you. But, the compound return you will get is out of your vision.

“Do your duty, without expecting results”


Just like you cannot deny the existence of air. Our vision is limited but senses beyond our physical presence.

Want to add any tips to protect your peace? Share your motivational comeback stories to guide our beautiful readers.

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